CNBC Twitter Posts Used As Crypto Market Indicator With 95% Accuracy

Cryptocurrency trader, Jacob Canfield, who runs his own cryptocurrency trading signal site, has discovered something interesting: when CNBC has made a claim about the market, it has been with a 95% contrarian accuracy i.e. when CNBC has been bullish, the market has gone down, and vice versa.

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Of course, this is mostly just a funny take on the predictions that many pose for the cryptomarket, which is notoriously unpredictable.

Canfield also says that CNBC has reached out to him to appear as a guest on one of his shows. CNBC will soon be releasing a bitcoin documentary called “Bitcoin: Boom or Bust“, which will look into the history of bitcoin, and examine all aspects of the original cryptocurrency. The description reads,

This original documentary employs pop culture, captivating imagery and a hip-hop score (a staple in crypto-culture) as it follows a wide range of fascinating characters, each with their own passionate argument either for or against bitcoin.

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