Successful Czech Footprint on the World Crypto Market with Conclusion of CitiCash Public Sale

The company from Prague Czech Republic, Citi Lab Czech, which is engaged in blockchain technology, gained the community trust from around the world in a two-month public sale, collecting US$12, 963, 348 for a project entitled CitiCash!

Even though the entire crypto market lost 70% of its market cap in 2018, Citi Lab Czech has done a great job, not only for itself and its CitiCash digital currency but also for the global cryptocurrency market. The success of the Czech laboratory is evidence that the Czech Republic continues to move forward in the blockchain industry, regardless of shake-ups in the crypto market.

CitiCash: Unblock the Blockchain for the People

CitiCash is the first cryptocurrency in the world that enables the general public to enter the digital world effortlessly, simply and intuitively.

So far, the general public has not been too inclined to cryptocurrencies, mostly because of the complex terminology, the necessary technical knowledge, and the complicated procedures for each transaction. That’s why the whole team from this Prague lab is working to make the use of cryptocurrencies user-friendly, simple and intuitive.

CitiCash is not only easy to use in the virtual crypto sphere, but also in everyone’s everyday life. Payments in restaurants, shops, and e-shops will be converted with the use of a standard debit card that will be issued to the CitiCash wallet holder upon request.

This simple use of already existing technologies to implement cryptocurrencies in everyday life is an amicable solution to the already too long dispute between the existing macroeconomic concept of payment transactions, the standard currencies of each state, and the crypto sphere that does not recognize any state borders.

It all suggests that over the next couple of years, most of us will have a crypto wallet on our devices.

The era of the use of credit and debit cards began in the 1950s and 1960s. This revolutionary system of payments took a few years to catch on as it took time for the general public to accept and understand the benefits of this financial transaction system in which national borders and state-issued currencies no longer hindered spending around the world.

It’s arguable that the same will happen with cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets.

With CitiCash, we welcome to the new financial era!

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