China’s Search Giant Baidu Launches Blockchain Platform for Easy Dapp Development

Chinese internet giant Baidu has announced the launch of a blockchain platform for the easy development and deployment of decentralized applications.

The platform which is called Baidu Blockchain Engine (BBE) is described as an operating system that will allow developers to create applications in the same way that one does for smartphones. Baidu’s cloud division is responsible for the creation of the platform.

Built on a modular framework, the BBE offers 6 major features: trusted computing environment; cross-chain interactions; high performance, scalable storage and throughput; smart contract security auditing; and intelligent smart contracts.

The platform is also modular in nature, meaning it will offer smart contract and dapp templates for easy creation of dapps.

The Baidu blockchain engine BBE uses the pluggable blockchain framework to provide developers with a complete multi-chain, middle-tier and various contract templates, Dapp templates and other services to make the development of blockchain business systems faster. Simple, the announcement states.

The platform is built on an Artificial Intelligence, big data and cloud computing technology stack, which Baidu hopes will help commercialize blockchain technology. The company will also allow businesses to use the platform as a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform, granting features as private chains and customizable applications to businesses that want to deploy the technology in their existing workflows.

Baidu has previously shown a lot of interest in blockchain technology, having released a whitepaper on its very own blockchain. Some applications have also been released.  The white paper describes Baidu’s Super Chain, which supports parallel side chains.

The TRON project last year announced that it will be using Baidu’s cloud computing services to power its project, setting itself up to launch blockchain products on the Baidu Cloud.

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