Brave News: After 10 Million Downloads, Brave Launches Ad Trial Program and Secures an Important Partner

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After hitting 4 million active users, Brave has announced a new advertising trial and secured an important partnership.

The Brave browser is a privacy-focused web browser that is focused on keeping user data private and secure. It comes with built-in privacy support features that allow for ad blocking, script disabling, and cookie & tracker blocking.

Moreso, it aims to rethink the way that the online advertising industry delivers advertisements by creating an advertising platform based off of users attention.

An Impressive Achievement: Over 10 Million Downloads in Google Play Store

The team behind the Brave browser continue to achieve commendable milestones as they recently breached over 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store and reached over 4 million active users. This is an impressive achievement, as increasing the pool of users allows the Brave team to have an increased ability to on-board new advertisers within their platform.

The list of achievements continues after the announcement of Brave receiving approval from Apple to use BAT in iOS apps and the announcement regarding the ability to tip users on Reddit and Twitter through the Brave browser.

The rapidly expanding web browser has now announced an official advertising trial program to gather more data for research and development.

Brave Begins Public Advertising Program Trial

Brave has announced a public advertising program trial that will collect user’s data on browsing activity. The advertising trial is specifically for Mac users who download a special ‘test’ build of the Brave browser from the announcement page.

A 28-Day Experiment

The advertising trial is designed so the advertising system built by Brave will experience testing under some real-world browsing behavior. The program will run for 28 days.

The Brave team has emphasized that the regular browser does not and will never collect any user information or data. This is strictly for this specific build downloaded by testers.

The specific build of the Brave browser for the advertising trial will monitor users’ information such as: URLs visited, when the Brave browser was used, wi-fi information, user IP address, and information on advertisements shown, clicked, or dismissed.

The information and data collected from the trial will be deleted after 1 year, and will only be handled by researchers assigned to use the data.

An Important Test for the Platform

The advertising trial is a crucial step in bringing the real advertising program live. The official advertising program is created to reward users that view adverts. Users that opt-in to view advertisements can receive up to a 70% share of the advertising revenues from the advertisement.

Bringing such a broad vision—rethinking the entire online advertising industry—will require many stages of testing. With the public advertising trial underway, we can only assume that the Brave team are on track to bringing this revolutionary vision to life.

If you would like to help out the Brave team, go ahead and take part in the advertising trial by downloading the test build here. The advertising trials started on September 13, 2018, so there is still plenty time to get involved.

Partnership With Qwant

To add further to the Brave headlines, the team has recently announced an important partnership with a privacy-focused search engine known as Qwant.

Brave Drops Google for Qwant

In a world where privacy is a hotly contested topic, a partnership between Qwant and Brave makes sense. Brave has elected to drop Google as their default search engine and decided to use Qwant in its place for users in Germany and France.

Qwant has been commonly described as a search engine that respects its users privacy. The search engine does not collect or share users’ personal information. It has its own unique web-indexing technology that protects privacy by refusing to install cookies or trackers to help in their advertising goals.  

Privacy by Default

The combination of these two privacy-focused technologies helps bring the topic of user privacy to a level playing field, granting users a choice to remain protected online by default. This helps breed a more sustainable internet that is not driven on big data and commercial advertising.

As Brendan Eich, CEO and creator of Brave, stated:

By combining Brave and Qwant, users can enjoy the web in a way that does not violate their privacy.

By using products such as Brave, users are no longer susceptible to being the product when they surf the web. They will also benefit from the experience of faster loading times relative to other popular browsers, saving money from not loading ads, a more private experience, and the ability to give back to their favorite content producers through the integrated Basic Attention Token (BAT) wallet.


Despite the general outlook of the market, the Brave team continue to make progression in their marketing and development. With such a fantastic product and team, BAT investors still have much to continue to look forward to.

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