CEO: Bitcoin Will Replace Gold As The Leading Commodity To Store Value

Block.One CEO Brendan Blumer concurs with a large part of the crypto community and high-profile individuals that Bitcoin is an ideal store of value.

The founder tweeted that Bitcoin would replace gold as the world’s foremost commodity, an opinion shared by many who are swayed by the properties and potential of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is widely seen as an excellent store of value, often called “digital gold”, as it possesses many of the same properties as gold — fungible, hard to obtain, an increasingly belief its “preciousness” — but with the added advantage of being easier to transport and transfer.

Blumer made other comments on Bitcoin, including one where he responded to a user who asked what would happen after all 21 million bitcoins had been mined.

His simple reply was:

The founder also said that Bitcoin would split into a light and dark pool, one where transactions were fully identifiable and another where it was pseudo-anonymous. Certainly, this is something lawmakers and regulators are looking into.

Blumer earlier told the thecrypto community that “great things take time”, posting a statement on Telegram and attempting to assuage the EOS’ community’s woes.

He said at the time:

Great things take time; parallel teams need to be built to deliver new products without sacrificing the progress of existing business units, and that means hiring new people which comes with time limitations that can’t always be shortcut with capital. is the company behind the EOS project, a competitor to Ethereum and more recently, TRON.

Apart from building the EOS network, the team also runs a VC fund that focuses on emerging blockchain startups with potential. Funded projects include Everipedia, a blockchain-based Wikipedia-like encyclopedia, and High Fidelity, a VR-focused group based out of San Francisco.

EOS is currently ranked 5th by market cap, with its price standing at $3.80 at the time of publishing.