Bitcoin Raised $0 From Venture Capitalists, Yet It Is Worth $100 Billion in Just 10 Years

Anthony Pompliano – Co-founder and Partner at Morgan Creek Digital, as well as long-time Bitcoin bull and influencer with more than 200K followers on Twitter – recently took to the social media platform to draw comparisons between Bitcoin’s journey to success and most other cryptos in the market.

Bitcoin Worth $100 Billion in Just 10 Years With $0 From Venture Capitalists

Pompliano’s tweet is a power call to attention of just how amazing and different Bitcoin (BTC) is from traditional assets, businesses, and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin entered the market back in 2009, and what sets it apart from every other crypto is that its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto is anonymous. Bitcoin has no CEO, and is led by a decentralized community – hence the saying, ‘We are all Satoshi.’

The second point made in Pomp’s tweet is that Bitcoin has no offices, meaning there are no official headquarters or places to directly access the network’s base structure. Bitcoin is perhaps the most secure crypto network in the world and was built for the internet, on the internet.

Unlike every other cryptocurrency project, Bitcoin has no marketing department. It is promoted solely by Bitcoin users and those who support it. Bitcoin doesn’t need hype or cheap marketing gimmicks; it didn’t need to raise money from an ICO or venture capitalists.

Bitcoin started the game with no advantages whatsoever and now has a $100 billion market cap because it’s a revolutionary piece of technology that can never be replicated. Bitcoin has survived and grown because it’s fit for the market, and people are using it.

This, Pomp says, is ultimately the only thing that matters.

Why do you think makes Bitcoin so different from other cryptocurrencies? Why has Bitcoin succeeded while other cryptos fail? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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