BidiPass’s BDP Token Sale To Begin August 16

BidiPass has announced that they are rescheduling the start date of their ICO, which is now slated to begin on August 16, 2018, at 12:00 pm UTC. The company says the ICO will start later than anticipated due to the tremendous feedback from users and advisors, the strategic decision to increase the number of team members and advisors, and the desire to explore additional solutions to enhance the project.

The BidiPass team will be working hard over the next few weeks to engage key influencers in order to introduce their platform to a wider audience. Their senior team are currently on the road, presenting at blockchain events around the world and introducing their BidiKey platform.

Executive Chairman, Fernando Albarrán, and VP of Technology, Juan José Ruiz, met last week with renowned cryptocurrency advisor, Keith Teare, for a strategy round table meeting. They agreed that, as they would like to deliver their product to users shortly after the ICO is concluded, deferring the date is the best approach.

BidiPass is a smart-contract driven platform that allows everyday interactions between users through a single app using their BidiKey technology. It is a global passport that will allow users to safely and securely conduct business and financial operations, sign legal documents, and more. The app employs a bi-directional encryption system that enables person-to-person authentication and human-to-machine validation and protects both vendors and buyers from any type of fraud.

BidiKey can also be used in place of boarding passes and for ticketed events. To promote this function, the BidiPass team has been in talks with figures within the football industry, and plans to announce a key spokesperson who will act as an ambassador to increase awareness of the platform’s practicality for ticketed sports events.

Mr. Albarrán says:

BidiPass is dedicated to delivering an exceptional product, so we will be increasing our advisor and technology teams to ensure that we meet all of our roadmap objectives. Reception for our project has been very enthusiastic, and we would like to thank everyone who has an interest in purchasing BDP tokens for their patience as we make these crucial adjustments to our timeline.

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