Belarus Tokenizes Govt Bonds, Trading Via Bitcoin And Ethereum Now Possible – Huge Step Toward Tokenizing World’s Assets

Belarusian exchange,, has announced that it has tokenized government bonds and that users will be able to trade and invest via Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

The official press release reads, has issued a tokenised version of Belarusian government bonds and plans to include additional tokenised government and corporate bonds over time. Thanks to this new feature, users will be able to invest their cryptocurrency holdings in an entirely new, differentiated asset class that presents the opportunity to hedge and diversify their portfolios through fixed-income instruments with potentially lower risk and more predictable returns.

Ivan Gowan, CEO and Co-Founder of, said,

This is the first tokenised government bond on the market, once again demonstrating that operates at the forefront of blockchain technology and is committed to delivering innovative solutions to present financial problems. enables users to invest in cryptocurrencies, a range of tokenised securities – including equities, indices, commodities – and now tokenised bonds, providing the broadest range of non-correlated tokenised assets for investors to diversify into. claims that it is the first blockchain business to be authorized by Belarus’ High Technology Park (HTP) following a decree by authorities, titled ‘On the Development of a Digital Economy’, that permits blockchain-based businesses to perform various blockchain and crypto related activities.

Tokenization of traditional financial assets is growing in popularity. Several platforms are already working towards the tokenization of real estate, gold, and art, among other things. Belarus had previously launched a platform that allows users to trade securities.