BCNEX to launch its upcoming BTC session

Bcnex is a user-oriented exchange platform that is taking over the crypto market by resolving the consensus barriers and leading innovation with an all-in-one platform for trading ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies aligned with legal frameworks. This startup is actively working with the Vietnamese government to manage digital currencies and assets for the benefit of this community. The single access interface is introduced in this network to manage loss and risk with straightforward approaches.

The idea behind Bcnex is to regulate cryptocurrency exchange in Vietnam that would be expanded to other countries too. In addition to resolving all restrictions and legal formalities, this startup is empowering Asian investors looking for a crypto startup with regulatory framework and competitive advantages.

Why choose Bcnex:

A new golden standard in meeting customer requirements with a platform built on microservices architecture that is highly structured and secure.

Going an extra mile for its investors, Bcnex is in a collaborative partnership with Akamai to ensure a high level and unbreakable security.

Customer oriented organization with 24×7 customer support.

One of the fastest institutional grade trading processing engines in the industry that can process up to 2M orders per second.

No delayed transactions and multiple intermediaries because of the abundant and rich source of liquidity.

Backed by the 844 program of the Vietnamese government with a proposed regulatory framework.

Offered pitch at UCIM:

The Berlin event which was the second edition under UCIM witnessed a soaring number of 55 participating companies with over 14 pitches. Amongst the many strong pitches, Bcnex managed to attract investors’ attention and interest. The Pitch Booster session was mentored by Mr. Pascal Heymann in a close setup where company leaders presented their pitches in front of an audience. The event created a productive space for companies like Bcnex, resulting in the first set of tokens being completely sold to private investors.

Why you should reserve your space for the BTC Session?

Bcnex has been on an upward trajectory since its inception. Following the success of our Pre-ICO sale, which ended sooner than expected, we are anticipating the tokens for the second session to be sold out even quicker!

During the ETH session the tokens were picked up in no time as investors were delighted to partake in a valuable investment platform. 15,000,000 tokens were sold during the ETH ICO session and the market has been growing, which translates into matured profits for the investors who made a wise choice and grabbed the opportunity. We have also reached a soft cap of $2,000,000 which was the equivalent amount of money sold. The token.

BTC session is another exciting opportunity for major investors and interested collaborators because the market value of Bcnex is rapidly rising. So, it’s very much expected that the BTC session could become more competitive than the previous ETH session.