Ardor Overhauls Marketing Strategy in Effort to Gain Traction

Ardor—the new blockchain platform that aims to solve the blockchain bloat problem with their highly scalable technology—has announced that they are doing an overhaul of their marketing strategy.

The Ardor team has managed to develop cutting-edge technology that could revolutionize the blockchain world. The unique design of the Ardor platform allows the simultaneous existence of multiple blockchains, which they call “child chains.” These child chains are all connected to the “parent chain,” which guarantees their security. However, growth thus far has remained slow, driving the team to re-examine the way they present themselves.

“Frankly, it is much easier to pitch a journalist about selling trees in a banana plantation over the blockchain than pitching advanced architecture to solve blockchain bloat,” wrote Lior Yaffe, one of the developers behind the new platform.


Ardor has just finished their token sale for IGNIS, the very first child chain offered on the Ardor platform, raising over $15 million over 3 months. The remaining 500 million IGNIS will be given away as a free airdrop to all NXT owners on December 25—a nice, little Christmas gift to their supporters.

With the ICO over, Jelurida—the company behind the development of Ardor and NXT—announced they are parting ways with Blonde 2.0, the PR firm hired for the duration of the crowdsale. Moving forward, they have allocated an extensive budget for a new PR agency and a different angle, in an attempt to gain more traction and improve their marketing strategy.

As part of this endeavor, Jelurida has announced its partnership with LD Studios to produce weekly news videos, called “Ardor Time,” in order to promote Ardor worldwide. The first episode is set to be released any day now.

In an effort to increase their global reach, they have been translating written content into Chinese and Spanish, as well as attending conferences around the world. A couple weeks ago at the Tokyo Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference, the largest Nxt and Ardor meetup occurred, with over 150 people registered in attendance.

With new and improved marketing strategies in place, Ardor is on track to grow their passionate fan base and gain more traction for their revolutionary technology.

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