Alibaba Decides To Integrate Blockchain, Is Amazon Next?

Local news outlet Sohu reports that Alibaba, which has already shown a tremendous amount of interest in blockchain and applied for several patents, appears to be integrating blockchain technology into its intellectual property system for enterprises and brands.

The report states that the upgrade is intended to “better provide intellectual property protection services to global enterprises and brands, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to protect innovation and defend authenticity.”

Ali Xizhi, director of intellectual property protection, said that the company leveraging the immutability and transparency of blockchains to protect the filing of intellectual property rights and that in September, 2019, the effort will first be “used in the original protection plan of Ali” before extending to digital copyright protection.

The report also states that electronic deposits from global brands will link directly to the Internet Court through Ali Intellectual Property Protection Platform (IPP Platform) to provide a basis for litigation rights protection.

Alibaba has taken the effort to promote blockchain use and adoption. It has also launched the cloud-based Alibaba Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) to help enterprises utilize the technology. China is very keen on blockchain technology, despite the strict regulation it has applied to the industry.