20% of Young Americans Own Bitcoin, Report Says

New survey results published on April 30 by Spencer Bogart, a partner of VC firm Blockchain Capital, reveal that 20% of young Americans own Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency.

According to Bogart, the survey was conducted online from April 23–25, 2019 by The Harris Poll, on behalf of Blockchain Capital. The survey included answers from 2,052 American adults and was an augmented version of the previous demographic survey conducted by the firm in October 2017.

Per the survey results, a total of 9% of the American population owns Bitcoin, 18% of whom are aged between 18–34, and 12% aged between 35–44.

Image Source: https://medium.com/@Bitcom21/bitcoin-is-a-demographic-mega-trend-data-analysis-160d2f7731e5

Bitcoin Awareness Is Going Viral

According to the survey results, the percentage of people who have heard of Bitcoin rose from 77% in October 2017 to 89% in April 2019. Breaking down these people’s levels of Bitcoin knowledge, the survey included 6 key aspects: awareness, familiarity, perception, conviction, propensity to purchase, and ownership.

The survey evaluated people’s knowledge of Bitcoin using all 6 aspects and found that despite the bear market of 2018, user awareness has dramatically increased from the 2017 bull market. Also, the data reveals that the vast majority of American citizens have heard about Bitcoin regardless of age.

Image Source: https://medium.com/@Bitcom21/bitcoin-is-a-demographic-mega-trend-data-analysis-160d2f7731e5

The survey results reveal that Bitcoin is a demographic megatrend led by the younger generation (those aged 18–34), as they are leading in terms of Bitcoin awareness, familiarity, perception, conviction, propensity to purchase, and ownership rates.

Do you fall into the age group of Bitcoin’s demographic megatrend? How can the cryptocurrency community encourage crypto’s adoption in older generations? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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