Blockchain Adoption: 130-Year Old Liquor Firm Puts Its Whisky On Blockchain

Liquor industry publication The Drinks Business reports that the 130-year old whiskey distiller, William Grant and Sons, has released the first whisky to be registered on a blockchain, launched with the intention of monitoring consumer habits.

The whisky in question is William Grant and Sons’ premium brand Alisa Bay. WG&S partnered with blockchain company arc-net to “release a range of whiskies that capture the full distilling and manufacturing process, allowing customers to track their whisky from source to store; ensuring authenticity and traceability.”

Consumers will be able to view data such as the cask type, and filling and bottling data, which, in addition to allowing customers to guarantee the authenticity of their drink, also protects the liquor from attempts at counterfeiting.

The publication had previously reported that the United Kingdom loses nearly $300 million in counterfeit alcohol every year.

The blockchain will also provide WG&S with information on where the whisky is purchased, providing insights on demand and customer habits.

Blockchain to counter counterfeiting and trace the location of luxury goods, among other items, is seen as a highly valid and effective use case for the technology. Several projects, like OriginTrail (TRAC) and VeChain (VET), have already taken steps forward to implement supply chain solutions, though many other supply chain projects are taking their own approach.

Meanwhile, Chinese internet giant Alibaba has taken to national TV to promote the applications of blockchain, specifically mentioning the supply chain as a standout application.

Despite the bear market, it appears that an increasing number of established entities are looking to improve upon their legacy systems with the help of blockchain, and such developments and the exposure they bring could really boost adoption.

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