Stratis Finally Launches their Long-Awaited C# Full Node

Wednesday, December 12 marks the date Stratis finally unveiled their long-awaited C# Full Node. For those of you invested in Stratis, you already know the team has been working diligently for 2 years on this as it represents the core service of the Stratis platform.

The Stratis Blockchain Project

Stratis is a Blockchain-as-a-Service provider developed for business. The project uses the C# programming language and allows enterprises to build their own private blockchains, which they can integrate with the main Stratis blockchain.

Until now, the backbone of the Stratis platform (the C# Full Node) was missing as it was under development. Therefore, for the entirety of Stratis’ lifespan, the project was running on StratisX nodes, which allowed the network to grow and become highly secure and decentralized.

Now, with the advent of the C# Full Node launched on mainnet, the Stratis platform can finally go live. The C# Full Node is the foundation of the entire platform built using the C# programming language.

The C# programming language is a standard language in computer programming and allows the Full Node to use Microsoft’s .NET framework and is a C# port of Bitcoin Core. Therefore, the Stratis Full Node can function as a peer on either the Stratis or Bitcoin network.

Furthermore, sidechains and C# built smart contracts can now run on top of the Stratis C# Full Node. This marks Stratis as the first cryptocurrency to host turing complete smart contracts that execute .NET code on-chain. These exciting developments and so much more will finally come to fruition as Stratis checks big milestones off their roadmap.

It’s Like a Super Node

The C# Full Node launched by Stratis is unlike any other node as it’s far more capable than just powering a network. Stratis’ unique Full Node is more like a powerful development kit with immense flexibility for blockchain developers.

Not only can it function as a peer for the Stratis and Bitcoin network, it’s possible to connect with multiple other blockchains as well because it supports multiple consensus protocols (PoW, PoS and PoA).

The Stratis C# Full Node is modular, making it easy for developers to do a wide array of things from the creation of sidechains, the deployment of smart contracts, and numerous other things.

Available and Compatible

Due to Stratis’ open source nature, the Full Node is accessible for anyone to deploy and test out. It’s available on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace and it can deploy directly to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing service.

As mentioned before, the C# programming language is a standard programming language and is a part of the .NET framework in Microsoft’s own software ecosystem. This means it will already be familiar for developers to work with.

The C# Full Node uses a protocol which is very similar to that of Bitcoin’s. This opens a world of opportunities to develop specific applications with an already proven and familiar protocol.


Besides the C# Full Node capabilities and features mentioned above, there are far more developments, features, components, and use cases the Full Node presents to blockchain developers and user alike.

If you’re interested in getting the full rundown of everything the Stratis C# Full Node and the Stratis team and blockchain has to offer, be sure to check out their extensive publication here.

What impact will the release of Stratis’ C# Full Node have on their project and the rest of the blockchain industry? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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