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The applications for blockchain are endless – it has served as a great equalizing measure, offering decentralized solutions and cutting out third-party fees. It has served to make countless industries fairer and more egalitarian, from healthcare to fishing – and the entertainment industry is no exception.

Gambling is one area in particular that was in desperate need of a blockchain overhaul. Surely you’ve heard the old saying, “The house always wins.” ZeroEdge Casino is an online gambling platform that has done away with this, offering players equal odds of winning against the house. It offers a wide variety of classic games – Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette – with the added perk of there being 0% house edge, streamlined and facilitated with the transparency of blockchain technology. Plus, there will also be a sportsbook for placing bets with 0% commission on your favorite sports players and events.

0% House Edge

The problem with traditional casinos is that their primary source of revenue is essentially players’ losses. As such, they are incentivized to ensure that patrons lose the majority of the time, using unfair and untraceable tactics to stack the decks (as it were) in the house’s favor.

Zero Edge, whose source of revenue is instead based on the value growth of the casino’s cryptocurrency, has no need for such tactics and thus are in the unique position to design their games with 0% house edge. For anyone with a bent for online gambling, whether you’re looking to invest or play yourself, these are currently the best odds in the market.

The Zero Edge project was first presented at the Blockchain Summit in Kyiv on November 25, 2017. Their team of professionals includes experienced web designers and analysts from multiple industries, including Ladbrokes and SBTech, who have endeavored to design an online gambling platform that doesn’t take unfair advantage of users, and without the design flaws of its predecessors. With 0% house edge on all of its games, Zero Edge Casino offers patrons a gambling experience that is based solely on chance and skill at the game.

ZeroEdge.Bet Offers a Revolutionary Approach to Online Gambling

Zero Edge’s business model is based on the casino’s cryptocurrency, the Zerocoin. With all games on the platform payable only in the Zerocoin, that naturally spurs a demand for the token. And with a limited supply of 55 million, the value of the token will increase due to wider adoption as more people buy in to the casino’s platform. As a result, players can earn money twice over, both by winning games and by holding the token as it appreciates in value.

Adrian Casey, Zero Edge founder and CEO, states:

While we expect our 0% house edge casino games to attract a wide range of customers, what we truly want to put in the forefront is our 0% commission sports betting, which has never been seen on the market before. The traditional online gambling market is rife with issues that even Bitcoin wasn’t able to solve. Players should have just as much chance of winning as the house, however currently this is not the case. This is exactly what Zero Edge is trying to solve by providing truly fair and transparent gambling, which has a potential to disrupt the whole online gambling industry.

Zero Edge Casino is seeking to raise at least 5,000 ETH to launch its product in full scale. Once it’s launched, the casino will offer 0% house edge Blackjack and Video Poker to begin with, as well as sports betting with 0% commission. The Zero Edge pre-ICO is scheduled to start on February 28, 2018.

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  • Lynn Jones
    Posted March 29, 2018 11:01 am 0Likes

    This is contrary to traditional gambling mentality—–needing an edge.

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