Could an XRP Payments Plug-in Power Payments at 3.3 Million Online Stores in Future?

Wieste Wind, the founder of a Ripple-focused startup XRPL Labs, is keen on getting the XRP token adopted by the masses. Wind has launched a bounty program that challenges developers to create a WooCommerce plug-in that will integrate the XRP token with the ecommerce plug-in.

A total of 1,000 XRP tokens is up for grabs to the developer(s) who creates the plug-in. Wind’s intention is to integrate the XRP token with the over 3 million websites that use WooCommerce

This is not the first time a project has considered the idea of WooCommerce integration.

Last year, Request Network announced that it had successfully managed to integrate the REQ token with WooCommerce, making it easier for merchants to receive payments.

XRPL Labs is working on several initiatives for the Ripple Ledger, including a signing platform, a decentralized exchange UI and a cold storage OS. The company, run by 3 individuals who strongly believe in the potential of XRP, is keen on getting the token out to the masses.

The belief in XRP is growing, despite the recent suspicion some in the community had over its listing on the Coinbase exchange. The XRP token was in violation of one of the exchange’s Digital Asset Framework’s rules, but it remains on the exchange.

Ripple’s Head of Markets has said that it was “Coinbase’s independent decision” to list XRP.

Certainly, XRP has been doing well in other regards. RippleNet continues to nab an impressive number of partners, and one of its backers, SBI Holdings, believes that there will be a bright future for the token.

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