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Invest in Blockchain is looking for talented writers.

Our mission is to be the respected source of information about blockchain technology. We cover news, interesting projects within the space, and investment opportunities.

We have 2 types of writing positions available:


1. Paid Per Article Writing

Are you knowledgeable about blockchain technology? Can you explain it to a friend in a simple, down to earth way?

We are looking for writers to write our core blockchain explanations / blockchain 101.  Well-researched, simple and engaging writing about what blockchain is, how mining works, the POS alternative, uses for blockchain, etc.

This writing should be “non-political”, i.e. without any bias towards or against any particular cryptocurrency.

Example Articles:

  • What is Blockchain Technology?
  • Blockchain ELI5
  • What Can You Do With The Blockchain?
  • Blockchain Brings More than Just a Shared Database
  • CORE Articles on KEY Blockchain projects: Bitcoin Explained; What is Ethereum;  Stratis – Blockchain in C# For Corporates, Monero and Anonymity

Note: Ghost writers will be paid more than writers who request a byline on our site.

We are also looking for full-time writers.



2. Unpaid Writing

Ok, hear us out. We’re looking for writers to write opinion pieces, and ongoing articles/analysis/press releases for exceptional blockchain projects.

Perhaps you’re passionate about a particular blockchain project (Ethereum, Stratis, Lisk, Waves, Ubiq) and want to explain why it is going to grow over the next 2 years and reach mass market; Why it is faster, safe and secure, what the difference is between project X and Y…

If this is you, we would LOVE to FEATURE your writing.

We can’t pay for these articles, but we can link to your site, twitter, or youtube, and we can help to raise your profile and brand as a blockchain expert and author (and we have a lot of traffic – see more info below).

We want the real passion pieces from community members who love their projects, know them inside out, know they are going somewhere and want to get involved in the promotion and marketing – and write a BETTER article with the care and in-depth knowledge that a busy journalist couldn’t bring.

Some example titles if you were writing about Stratis:

  • The ONLY Altcoin That Will Actually Help Bitcoin
  • Could Stratis help to ease the transaction backlock / scaling debate?
  • Stratis releases codebase to help corporates easily tap into blockchain technology
  • The importance of a common coding language for corporate blockchain.

We’re looking for the guy or girl that will write the 2000 word passion article around Stratis: the one in the slack community who loves it, holds it, knows it inside out and wants to genuinely contribute.

What do you get in exchange for the articles?  Traffic and exposure. We buy traffic for the site, we will get infographics made by our in-house designer. Invest In Blockchain is NOT just a passive project that we hope people will see. We actively filter a LOT of traffic to this site (we partner with www.coinad.com which generates 800k+ clicks monthly, and also – www.digitalartistsonline.com – a community of bitcoin newbies getting interested in bitcoin and altcoins)


Send an email with your writing samples, or submit your post to michael (at) investinblockchain (dot) com