World’s Electric Giant EDF Now Uses Ethereum Dapp

EDF, the world’s 5th-largest electrical utility company with a market cap of $33 billion, has teamed up with iExec (RLC), an Ethereum-powered decentralized application that’s reinventing cloud computing.

With this partnership, EDF has launched its visual simulator software GPUSPH on iExec’s blockchain-based computing environment. The electric giant can now test how their program operates on a blockchain in comparison with a traditional cloud computing environment.

Blockchain Cloud Computing

EDF’s simulator software is used to study a field called “smoothed particle hydrodynamics” for modeling fluids, and its team is curious to determine if Ethereum adds any benefit to the simulator, which typically runs on a GPU.

Speaking about this experiment and EDF’s expectations was EDF blockchain engineer Gilles Deleuze, who purportedly told Coindesk:

“In a wider perspective… development of distributed computing is a credible scenario for the future, and blockchain may be a nice lever in this scenario. So, let’s explore it.”

Adding to this, he said EDF plans to launch other experiments on iExec in the future as well:

“The plan is to continue with other open scientific codes requiring possibly other types of workerpools.”

iExec Advantages

iExec is one of the longest-running Ethereum dapps, as it was launched in 2016 prior to the ICO mania phase and parabolic bull run. The project is committed to reinventing cloud computing in an effort to decentralize the industry because it’s currently dominated by large corporations such as Amazon and Microsoft.

As stated on the iExec website:

“We’re committed to creating the next generation of IT infrastructure by building a new Cloud computing paradigm.”

Moreover, as reported by Coindesk, iExec head of innovation and adoption Jean-Charles Cabelguen said there are many advantages to using iExec for EDF’s simulation software.

Such advantages include:

“The clear monitoring of the state and computational power of the app and increased ‘resilience’ of the app, as it’s running on a decentralized network.”

Do you think EDF will be satisfied with the cloud computing results from iExec? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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