Women Are More Bullish and Better at Bitcoin Trading and Predictions Than Men

Cliff Lerner

Founder of BuySellHODL

I keep hearing about the lack of gender diversity in the crypto industry.

Most recent surveys have revealed that just 5% of crypto users are women. While that number may not astound anyone since crypto is basically the combination of super geek technology and buttoned-up finance, it’s not a healthy trend for an industry aiming to disrupt the global economy.

After all, women still make up around 75% of the world’s purchasing decisions. Therefore, it seems fairly obvious to me that one of the key driving factors to crypto’s widespread adoption hinges upon its ability to secure a stronger presence among women around the world.

Oh, one more thing: Sorry guys, but it seems like women might actually be better crypto traders than we are. Don’t believe me? I’ve got the data that proves it … sort of. My research shows an interesting gender breakdown of crypto trading, particularly with Bitcoin.

Women’s Bitcoin Intuition

Call it women’s crypto-intuition if you want, but they just seem to know how to predict the rise and fall of Bitcoin better than men. For example, my cryptocurrency app BuySellHODL features a daily bitcoin game, where users try to predict the rise and fall of Bitcoin every 15 seconds. Those who guess correctly for ten rounds in a row split the cash prize. Fun fact: The game’s first and largest winner of $1,000 was … a woman.

Perhaps more significantly is that so far, women have made accurate Bitcoin price predictions during the bitcoin game 58 percent of the time, as opposed to their male counterparts’ success rate of just 51 percent.

My research also indicates that more women users—16%—self-identified as an expert/professional level in crypto knowledge, as opposed to just 9% of men. (Maybe men are just humbler than women? Okay, we know that’s not true.)…there’s more:

Women Are Way More Bullish Than Men On Their Bitcoin Price Predictions:

  • 68% of women gave Bitcoin a ’Buy’ recommendation. Meanwhile, just 61% of men give Bitcoin a ‘Buy’ rating, yielding an end of 2019 Bitcoin price prediction of $8,389.
  • Bitcoin is also the most preferred coin among female users, with 61% of them listing it as one of their top crypto picks for 2019. Conversely, more men prefer altcoins with just 48% of them listing Bitcoin as one of their top three picks.

Crypto Ratings Source:  https://buysellhodlapp.com/crypto-ratings


  • Women are also more bullish than men on their Ethereum Prediction (65% say to ‘Buy’) and Litecoin Prediction (64% say to ‘Buy’).
  • 29% of women made a Bitcoin 2020 price prediction of $10,000 or greater, compared to just 23% of men.
  • Women are willing to be patient with 53% making a Bitcoin 2025 price prediction of greater than $25,000

Men & Women Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2020 and 2025

Bitcoin Prediction Source:  https://buysellhodlapp.com/crypto-ratings-btc

Does this data scientifically prove that an extra x chromosome in human births results in the superior cryptoanalysis? Hardly, but the scoreboard doesn’t lie boys.

All pseudo-hardcore data analysis aside, what about the minority of strong women influencers who are already pioneering the crypto gender revolution? Well, they’re doing amazing things as well. Further proof that crypto needs more women to save it from a hazardous level of less savvy male dominance.

Crypto Wonder Women

If a full-fledged crypto gender revolution were to actually take place, Perianne Boring would be an excellent choice to lead the way.  Keep in mind that her last name is more than just a little misleading because Perianne doesn’t just talk the talk of striving for female inclusivity in the crypto space, she clearly walks the walk as well. As Founder and President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, she has formed a leadership team that features an impressive 50% female presence. Now, that’s putting her money where her mouth is.

Joining Perianne on the front lines of the revolution would be  Amber Baldet. The former executive of JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence has recently departed for her own crypto venture called Clovyr.

More notably, Amber has earned a well-deserved reputation for encouraging women to join the crypto industry. Her stance on gender diversity in the space is an interesting one to consider, saying that, “Many projects welcome women with open arms, but repeatedly positioning the entire space as unwelcoming causes a negative feedback loop that dissuades people from getting involved.”

 Amber encourages women to think for themselves and not allow people to carelessly proclaiming crypto as one giant frat party to control their actions. In other words, if investing in Bitcoin or starting a new cryptocurrency is appealing, women should feel empowered to go for it, regardless of any ill-conceived industry notions or opinions.

Another more than worthy mention of crypto’s current class of wonder women is Neha Narula. As a former software engineer at Google and Ph.D. graduate in computer science from MIT, she represents the female side of the crypto ledger with an off-the-charts intelligence factor.

Although not specifically targeted to women, her TED Talk titled, “The Future of Money” is a great way for crypto newbies—regardless of gender—to gain a basic understanding of the theory behind the technology and why it contains such high potential for a disruptive impact to the future global economy.

#Balance for Better

These Wonder Women are leading the charge of the gender revolution in crypto, but they’re not the only ways making significant contributions. Consider these other names as role models for anyone wondering if they fit into the currently male-dominated industry: Elizabeth StarkMeltem DemirorsArianna Simpson … Please tell me if I’m forgetting somebody.

What’s needed for crypto isn’t unlike what’s needed in a lot of other industries, which is a balance for better. Truthfully, women may not only be better at crypto-analysis, but they might be better at other aspects of startup ventures.  Some statistics show that women are actually more successful in crowdfunding campaigns than their male counterparts. A recent Forbes study shows that women have been more successful than men by a full 9% on the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. This makes them the ideal demographic for the industry to move much more rapidly away from niche technology toward widespread adoption of a legitimate decentralized form of currency.

Speaking of a balance for better, that’s the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8. “IWD is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.” Hopefully, this year’s IWD will serve as inspiration for more women to take a vested interest in the crypto because when one looks at the actual data, it sure seems like they’re a perfect fit!

Cliff Lerner is a successful entrepreneur and Author of the Best-Seller Business Book, Explosive Growth — A Few Things I Learned Growing To 100 Million Users. He advises fast-growing startups, is a crypto-enthusiast, and recently launched his new Cryptocurrency App, BuySellHODL, whose goal is to get 100 Million Users to adopt Crypto.



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