5 Reasons to Choose Neblio to Launch Your ICO and Develop Your Blockchain Project

Dreaming of launching your own token and dapp? Neblio is there for you to make this possible. The Neblio blockchain and ecosystem have been created with a clear focus on making blockchain technology as simple as possible, and they’re well on their way to succeeding.

The Neblio blockchain is feature-rich and it supports all popular programming languages, allowing you to create your very own token in a matter of minutes. It is a multi-faceted blockchain platform that allows for easy development and deployment of tokens and smart contracts. In this article, we take a look at why Neblio is a good choice to launch your own blockchain project on.

To explore the advantages of using Neblio, we’ve interviewed Jordi Willems from Cryptoscene. Cryptoscene is a Dutch, Neblio-based initiative that wants to bring quality blockchain and crypto-related content to enthusiasts.

Willems had this to say about his choice to launch his blockchain project on Neblio:

Fun fact is that we were actually Ethereum-based before. We’d already been flirting with the idea of shifting to Neblio and after the recent BatchOverflow error we decided to switch.


The main reason for choosing Neblio is that our developers have the freedom to pick their programming language of choice.


Also, Neblio’s staking model provides a lucrative way for storing the profits we’re going to make with Cryptoscene and make some passive income with those profits. This passive income can in turn be used as community rewards for example.


And then there is of course the fact that creating a NTP1 token on Neblio can be done in minutes.

1. Simplicity Is Key

Mass adoption of blockchain technology is highly dependent on whether it’s understood by and accessible to the masses. Therefore, Neblio is making its platform as user-friendly as possible. Many of the Neblio community developers agree that Neblio is the the simplest platform for creating dapps and specifically focuses on blockchain solutions for enterprises.

Simplicity has been a core focus of the Neblio ever since the platform’s ICO, and this shows. Neblio’s Orion wallet has a clean interface and works intuitively. Creating your own NTP1 (the Neblio protocol) token only takes a few minutes, after which you can start developing your dapp.

To support developers and aspiring dapp builders, Neblio also provides consultation services and training materials. To start learning, visit the Neblio University page where you can find all information regarding the wallets, APIs, technological documentation, and more.

2. No Programming Language Barriers

The simplicity of the platform is also portrayed by one of the key USPs of Neblio: its multi-language coding feature. Because of this, developers skilled in any of the 8 most popular programming languages can start creating dapps. These programming languages are enabled in the form of APIs.

Because coders can program in their language of choice, it is much easier for projects to find developers that can help build a dapp. Moreover, since the developers are familiar with the programming language, secure, high-quality software is much easier to create.

The API framework provides a lot of side support too. As stated on the website:

Need a RESTful API to interact with the Neblio Blockchain Network on iOS? Check.

Want to make the same API call in your Android app? Yep, supported.

What about your Windows 10 App? Easy.

Neblio’s support for all mainstream coding languages is a major advantage over, for example, Ethereum, which only supports its own, quite limited programming language Solidity, or Lisk, which at the moment only supports JavaScript.

3. High Functionality, Clean Development

Many different types of applications can be built on top of Neblio’s blockchain. It has been designed to be future-ready, with the approaching Internet of Things and big data applications in mind. Audit trails and regulatory compliance are also enabled by the Neblio blockchain, making it geared for enterprise solutions.

To increase its functionality, NTP1 tokens can be non-fungible. This means that each token represents something unique and are therefore not interchangeable, such as collectibles or other unique digital assets. This gives the tokens more uses than just being a tool to raise funds or to power a token economic model.

Besides non-fungible tokens, Neblio also supports atomic swaps and cryptographically encrypted metadata transmission. All these features put Neblio in the lead when comparing it to Waves or Ethereum when it comes to functionality.

The Neblio team is also known for its continuous updates and over-delivery. As with every new software, there were some initial bugs which were all solved nearly instantaneously by Neblio’s developers. The team listens to the demands of the community and provides solutions to their problems.

4. Staking

Neblio is based on a Proof-of-Stake algorithm, meaning that coin holders can stake their coins to secure the network and receive rewards for this. As Willems from Cryptoscene indicated, this is a great way for Neblio-based dapps to generate passive income with their profits.

Neblio has a rather lucrative staking model, with an average annual return of 10%. Besides the attractiveness of this for dapps, this will also likely attract more Neblio network members, which in turn are potential new users of the dapp. Another neat advantage of Neblio’s staking model is that it requires passive income seekers to keep their wallet open and online, meaning each staker actively contributes to securing the network.

The Proof-of-Stake model Neblio uses has several idiosyncratic features, which you can read all about here.

5. You Can Get Started Right Away

Unlike many projects in the blockchain space, Neblio already has a fully working product. All of the above mentioned features are not some future promise, but already up and running. The projects below have already launched on Neblio.

Launching your token and blockchain project is simple on the Neblio blockchain. One of the leading causes for this is its clean interface, its support of the 8 most popular programming languages, and the team’s clear focus on simplicity.

With its feature-rich blockchain environment, Neblio has created an easy-to-use blockchain with many functionalities such a non-fungible token, RESTful APIs, atomic swaps, and cryptographically encrypted metadata transmission. Also, the team has created the Neblio University and provides additional support for developers in need.

All this makes the Neblio blockchain one of the most accessible in the industry for launching your own token, ICO, and dapp!

Visit the Neblio website to learn more about the project. To keep up with news and developments, join their Telegram, and follow them on Twitter. Want to know more about Neblio as an investment? Check out “5 Reasons to Keep An Eye On Neblio.”

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