WELL Launches Personal Dashboard for Its Crowdsale Supporters

Healthcare and the Blockchain

Blockchain has been a proven disrupter of industries across the board, cutting costs and streamlining solutions. And of all the fields that could use a blockchain overhaul, healthcare is right at the top. Fraught with bureaucracy, expensive overhead costs, and institutional efficiencies, the healthcare industry is a source of frustration in many countries. With the application of blockchain, this could all change, and the blockchain platform WELL stands right at the cutting edge of global healthcare reform.

What is WELL?

As technology shrinks the world, social media and apps like FaceTime allowing us to contact people thousands of miles away instantaneously, the borders between countries begin to seem more and more arbitrary.

WELL is a blockchain platform, based in Los Angeles, California, that recognizes that when it comes to fast, high-quality healthcare, what country you’re in shouldn’t matter. If you’re a patient in a small town without access to a doctor, or vice-versa, you should be able to access a medical specialist suited to your needs at the touch of a button.

WELL utilizes the blockchain to connect healthcare professionals with patients across the globe. Previously, certain areas might have suffered from a surplus of healthcare specialists while other areas had not enough, resulting in the power of assigning patients to doctors resting with third-party providers. The WELL token will fuel a system of healthcare on-demand, with no restrictions as to language, nationality, borders, data accessibility, or payment risk.

WELL’s low-cost business model will also reduce the cost of making appointments by an estimated 30%, which will encourage people to receive medical attention who might not have done so otherwise. With the efficiency and security of the blockchain, areas with the highest quality of healthcare can deliver to patients worldwide.

Portrait Of Medical Team In Hospital

Personal Dashboard and Token Sale

On February 15, 2018, WELL launched its personal dashboard, which aims to improve their ICO process and facilitate services for their crowdsale supporters.

As their project has evolved, WELL has meanwhile made some revisions to their crowdsale dates, due to an influx of interest. They had initially planned to wrap up their whitelist pre-sale by February 24, while their ICO was originally scheduled to run from February 25 through May 15, 2018.

Instead, the personal dashboard which was just launched allowed WELL to transition directly from whitelist presale to public pre-sale, which is currently underway. According to their roadmap, the phases of their pre-sale and upcoming ICO are as follows:

Public Pre-Sale

  • January 1 – March 15: 14 WELL tokens per $1 USD (40% bonus)
  • March 16 – April 15: 13 WELL tokens per $1 USD (30% bonus)

Public Sale/ICO

  • April 16: 12.5 WELL tokens per $1 USD (25% bonus)
  • April 17 – April 22: 12 WELL tokens per $1 USD (20% bonus)
  • April 23 – April 29: 11 WELL tokens per $1 USD (10% bonus)
  • April 30 – May 6: 10.5 WELL tokens per $1 USD (5% bonus)
  • May 7 – May 15: 10 WELL tokens per $1 USD (no bonus)

Modifications in the schedule have been necessary in light of the flood of interest WELL has received from potential investors and healthcare professionals interested in being part of their network. To accommodate the surplus demand, changes have also been made to the infrastructure of the WELL platform.

In addition to extending its pre-sale rates for tokens to allow for more investors to take advantage of the bonuses, WELL is also expanding the range of healthcare supporters it will be including in their platform. Plus, it will be opening up its ICO to non-healthcare investors and members of the cryptocurrency community.

Clearly, there is still an ample amount of time to take advantage of the ICO price, but, as with everything crypto, the sooner you get in, the better. WELL co-founder Alex Prokhorov points out:

“Contributors who already participated in our pre-sale during the first week of February, receiving a 30% bonus, will now get an additional 10%.”

Founder and CEO of WELL, Ildar Fazulyanov, goes on to explain the extension of the pre-sale periods:

“We wanted to make sure we could give as many people as possible the chance to participate and receive the whitelist bonuses we are offering. We’ve been meeting with people interested in the cryptocurrency and healthcare space at recent conferences on our roadshow and have found that the response to our message has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Moving Forward

Fazulyanov and Prokhorov have spent the past month traveling through Asia to research the global market healthcare, meet with clinics in various countries, and speak at blockchain conferences. They are both confident in the potential WELL has to revamp a global healthcare system, which is in many ways inefficient and tied up in red tape, and return the focus to what matters: the doctors and the patients. And, based on the enthusiastic responses they’ve had to the preliminary stages of their roadmap, plenty of healthcare professionals share their confidence.

Learn more about the WELL project by visiting their website. If you would like to participate in their ICO, contact them at crowdsale@joinwell.io. You can also check out their Official Telegram Channel https://t.me/joinwell.

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