Vitalik: “Craig Wright Absolutely Should Have A Voice. But So Do All Of Us Laughing At His Stupidity.”

In a blunt but accurate summation of the the incident involving Craig Wright and Hodlonaut, a Twitter user who has criticized Wright and Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV), Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has said that “Craig Wright absolutely should have a voice. But so do all of us laughing at his stupidity.”

Buterin has received some negative reactions for the statement, with users accusing him of legitimizing the project and Craig Wright by making the statement.

However, it should be noted that Buterin only said that Wright had a right to make an opinion, and was in no way condoning the words and actions that Wright has made.

Vitalik Buterin Receiving Flak Lately

Buterin has been received criticism from crypto enthusiasts for another reason as well. Buterin, who is one of the most respected voices in the cryptocurrency space, recently attended the Deconomy conference in Seoul, where he rapped about Ethereum along with other crypto insiders. The performance was panned by some as being a poor marketing stunt that was “cringe worthy”, though not everyone is critical of it in this manner – the performance was clearly lighthearted and oddball in the way that cryptocurrency events tends to be.

As for attending Deconomy, in which Bitcoin Cash SV proponents also participated in panel discussions, Buterin said that he wasn’t aware that BSV would be present, and was expecting a discussion on Bitcoin (BTC),

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