Vechain Introduces ToolChain, Expansion Continues Allowing Business On-boarding Onto VeChainThor Blockchain Within 30 Minutes

Supply chain focused project, VeChain, has revealed a new solution called ToolChain that grants users with limited technical knowledge the ability to create solutions for themselves or their business on the VeChainThor blockchain – all within 30 seconds according to the official statement.

The VeChain Tool Kit

The project has released a VeChain Tool Kit that comes with hardware, software and service protocols, which allows businesses to immediately get started with forming solutions. Business owners can also access the ToolChain Admin Center after creating an account, where they can also place orders for any NFC and RFID tags that they may require.

The VeChain Work App has been released alongside this, as the blog post describes,

Once the information is uploaded to the VeChainThor blockchain, there is another app in which the participants who are uploading data on to the blockchain will need to use, it’s called the ‘VeChain Work App’. The VeChain Work App will allow you or the third party manufacturer of your products, to ‘bind’ the physical products to the NFC/RFID chips.

VeChain has an exciting start to 2019, racking up several partnerships.

Blockchain-as-a-Service Picking Up Steam

Platforms which allow users to create, deploy, and manage their own applications and services on the blockchain, without requiring deep technical understanding, have been growing in popularity.

Projects like Stratis have been doing the same, launching BaaS services for companies that would like to implement blockchain but lack the resources to do so effectively. The tailor made solutions make it easier for businesses to transition into the blockchain era.

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