Vechain Among Top 10 Global Companies With Most Blockchain Patents, Alongside IBM, MasterCard, and Alibaba

The VeChain (VET) project, which has secured several partnerships since the start of 2019, is reportedly is one of the Top 10 companies globally that have the most blockchain patents.

Chinese news outlet Security Daily News reported the story a list of companies that have applied for blockchain patents, and it includes e-commerce giant, fellow e-commerce entity Alibaba, internet companies Tencent and Baidu, IBM, Mastercard, Bank of America and VeChain, which is reportedly 10th with 38 blockchain patents.

China has the most number of patents in this space, accounting for 48% of blockchain patents, while the United States is second with 21% of patents in the space.

Two of VeChainโ€™s patents include โ€œSharing and tracing system for internet of vehicles (IOV) based on block chain technologyโ€ and โ€œBlockchain technology-based anti-counterfeiting system design and implementation.โ€

VeChain has had a phenomenal start to 2019 in terms of partnerships. The project has partnered with BMW and Deloitte, and its CEO also recently spoke to the Prime Minister of Italy.

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