UK-Based Company Made $73K From Staking Top 20 Cryptocurrency in Just 2 Months

A British digital asset company, KR1, has stated that they have raised roughly $73,000 simply from staking on the Cosmos network. The company states that it has generated 15,463 ATOM tokens, which it has sold at $4.76 per token.

KR1’s chief executive, George McDonaugh, was pleased with the “significant revenue” it was generating.

Cosmos was launched on May 14, 2019 and in short span of time KR1 has managed to raise quite a bit of funds. They state that they plan to generate 100,000 ATOM tokens each year with the addition of using as additional working capital.

The Cosmos Network is pioneering solutions to blockchain interoperability and has been funded by Swiss non-profit Interchain Foundation (IF).

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