Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Has Been Loading Up on Cheap Bitcoin (BTC)

Jack Dorsey, CEO of both Twitter and Square as well as a big believer in Bitcoin (BTC), recently appeared on the Tales from the Crypt podcast where he spoke to Marty Bent about all things Bitcoin and his involvement in this potentially revolutionary industry.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Buying $10,000 Worth of BTC a Week?

During the podcast, Dorsey reiterated a number of his points from previous interviews, but also delved into how he’s participating in the crypto industry and accumulating Bitcoin.

Dorsey mentioned that Square’s Cash App, a popular mobile payments service, is the only public company trying to bring Bitcoin to the masses. The popular mobile payments application allows people to easily buy Bitcoin and plans to integrate the Bitcoin lightning network in the future.

Adding to this, Dorsey said that Cash App’s team has been working with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in an effort to bring the application closer to users and pave the way for other payment applications.

Apart from Cash App, Dorsey noted that he’s participating in the Bitcoin accumulating movement known as “Stacking Sat Saturday,” which is a movement where users accumulate $25 worth of BTC every Saturday in a bid to show they are stacking up on Bitcoin and raising awareness and adoption.

However, before learning of this movement, Dorsey admitted that he couldn’t participate when he had first learned about it, because he had already exceeded his $10,000 Square Cash App limit.

In response, people took to Twitter, stating that Dorsey has been accumulating $10,000 worth of BTC per week. While he never explicitly said this, it’s evident that Dorsey has been accumulating large amounts of Bitcoin and happened to have already reached the $10,000 limit.

Whether he buys $10,000 worth of BTC every week is unknown, however, we do know that the Twitter and Square CEO is accumulating.

Jack Dorsey, a Big Believer in Bitcoin

Dorsey has always been a major proponent for Bitcoin (BTC), as before this recent interview with Tales from the Crypt, he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience to talk about how he believes that Bitcoin will be the internet’s native currency.

Since the Joe Rogan podcast, Dorsey has become far more open about his love for Bitcoin. He’s appeared on a number of other podcasts, and is being more active on crypto Twitter.

For instance, Dorsey recently received the Bitcoin lightning torch, which is a movement that involves the transferring of a symbolic amount of Bitcoin via the lightning network to whoever holds the torch.

Have you been accumulating Bitcoin? Will you participate in the Stacking Sat Saturday movement? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Jim Hughes
    Posted March 9, 2019 1:23 am 0Likes

    Where can one buy Bit Coin…$25.00 worth a week???

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