Adoption: Twitter CEO Wants to Push Bitcoin (BTC) to the Masses, Plans to Hire Crypto Engineers For His $2B Square Payment Company

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, who has previously said that “the internet will have a native currency”, has tweeted that Square is looking to hire multiple blockchain engineers and a designer, a move which further emphasizes his belief in the technology and asset class.

The entrepreneur followed up on the job opportunities with a series of tweets that describe Square’s intentions, saying:

Last week I was considering my hack week project, and asked @brockm: ‘what is the most impactful thing we could do for the bitcoin community?’ His answer was simple: ‘pay people to make the broader crypto ecosystem better.’ This resonated with me immediately, so we’re doing it…This will be Square’s first open source initiative independent of our business objectives. These folks will focus entirely on what’s best for the crypto community and individual economic empowerment, not on Square’s commercial interests. All resulting work will be open and free.

Hired individuals would report directly to Dorsey, who has not shied away from showing his admiration for the technology:

I love this technology and community. I’ve found it to be deeply principled, purpose-driven, edgy, and…really weird. Just like the early internet! I’m excited to get to learn more directly.

Additionally, Dorsey wishes to hire a designer because he feels it is an “underfunded area in the crypto ecosystem.”

Dorsey made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience earlier this year, where he stressed the strong principles that govern Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general:

It’s very principled, it has a strong point of view, and I love that it was put out there through pseudonymity, which just feels very internet to me… The whole thing just feels very native to internet ideals, and that appealed to Me a lot. This thing that was ideated on the internet, and then created on the internet, released to it, and then continues to be developed throughout it.

While Square decides to get deeper into the crypto space, after recently introducing Bitcoin on its Cash App, it turns out that Dorsey has been purchasing about $10,000 worth of BTC a week.

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