Twitter CEO on Using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in His New Venture: “Hell No”

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has been ramping up his engagement in the Twitter space, after recently saying that the “internet will have a native currency” and stocking up on Bitcoin on a weekly basis.

A Twitter user jokingly tweeted Dorsey, saying that Square’s Cash App, which supports Bitcoin, could support the much-maligned Bitcoin Cash.

Dorsey emphatically denied this, with a “hell no.”

Another user asked Dorsey if any other cryptocurrencies are being considered, which also received a response in the negative:

The Bitcoin Cash project has brought much discord, and the “civil war” that resulted from the project’s hard fork were viewed by some, like Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, as an instigator for the bear market.

Dorsey appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience earlier this year and showed great interest in the principles of Bitcoin and decentralized assets:

It’s very principled, it has a strong point of view, and I love that it was put out there through pseudonymity, which just feels very internet to me…This thing that was ideated on the internet, and then created on the internet, released to it, and then continues to be developed throughout it.

His belief is backed by his actions, as the entrepreneur recently made a public announcement that Square is hiring engineers for crypto in the company.

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