TRON Surpasses 3 Million Accounts in Under 1 Year

TRON founder Justin Sun has tweeted that the network now has 3 million accounts, which marks an impressive growth in the time span of about a year.

Despite the criticism that TRON has received for its marketing tactics and giveaways, the project has been growing in terms of dapp development and partnerships.

The project has partnered with the Opera browser, and its dapp userbase has been the fastest growing, of which most happen to be high-risk casinos. One report claimed that TRON had become the #1 dapp development platform.

China, which releases rankings of various cryptocurrencies periodically, has ranked TRON first on its list, though many cryptoenthusiasts do not value the list very highly.

TRON has drawn some attention after its CTO left the project to launch his own venture, saying that TRON was no longer decentralized.

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