1 Billion TRON (TRX) Users — Can Justin Sun Scale Up the BitTorrent and TRON Ecosystem?

The TRON project, never one that is often out of the news, has more interesting news for its investors as founder Justin Sun has announced more plans for BitTorrent, which TRON acquired. Sun stated that the platform plans to bring 1 billion BitTorrent users into the collaboration between the two platforms.

Sun’s bold announcement was met with some disbelief by the larger crypto community, who doubt that such a large number of people would populate the ecosystem that TRON plans to build. BitTorrent has roughly 100 million users.

Meanwhile, TRON has been executing various operations and development plans to upgrade its network.

Recently, the team announced the release of TronGrid 2.0, which avoids the need for developers to run their own full nodes. This means that they can focus almost entirely on development, and avoid the accompanying operational costs of running a full node.

The blog post reads:

Running your own full nodes often requires hardware investment, bandwidth, and time to maintain or secure data. TronGrid provides an alternative for developers that is currently free of charge and fully integrated with developer tools such as TronWeb. TronGrid makes DApp development easy and affordable.

Yue Fang, Product Manager at TRON, said of TronGrid 2.0:

We have seen a lot of development efforts on TronGrid over the last few months. From a performance perspective, but more importantly, a documentation perspective. TronGrid has quickly become one of our preferred TRON blockchain interaction methods.

The TRON platform has grown to become a popular platform for dapp development. According to statistics from dapp monitoring site dapp.reviews, TRON has become the most widely used dapp development platform, quite convincingly trouncing both Ethereum and EOS in terms of the number of dapps released.

TronGrid 2.0 follows a recent hard fork by the project.

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  • murray flewelling
    Posted March 5, 2019 6:46 am 0Likes

    Are you looking for more contributors ? Why are so many of these stories about the crypto industry so poorly researched and written. Where did the author come up with the figure 1 billion users? Are we to believe 1-7 people on the planet are using tron/ Bit Torrent ? Because I assure you they are not. And this is not an exception . Everyday I read articles that are so poorly written they clearly contradict their own facts and figures in the three paragraph piece. Honestly , is this space so poor that writers are picked from Trump University and there is no chief editor to find even common sense mistakes ???

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