This Man Stole Almost 1% Of The Total Dash In Circulation, Now Indicted In Israel

Local media outlets report that an Israeli citizen by the name of Afek Zard has been indicted for stealing over $9 million worth of funds in form of the DASH cryptocurrency.

Zard stole roughly 75,000 DASH tokens, which amounts to about 0.85% of the total supply in circulation. Zard allegedly stole the tokens from one investor, an Alexei Yaromanko, who had been accumulating tokens since 2013. The news report reads,

The State Prosecutor’s Office claims that at the beginning of next month Zard, himself or with the help of others, entered the computer and obtained the wallet details and password. At the same time, he created four addresses of his own digital wallets, in a manner that can not be traced back to their owners.

The report then says that Zard accessed Yaromenko’s wallet and routed the tokens through several wallets to avoid tracing,

Then he went into Yaromenko’s wallet, stole all its contents, and then passed the coins between several addresses to obscure his tracks. The state attributes to him theft in aggravated circumstances, money laundering and penetration of the computer to commit an offense.

Thefts are not uncommon in the crypto space. Last month, it was reported that 4 individuals in Canada had exploited Bitcoin ATMs in several regions in Canada such that it did not recognize instances of double spending, and stole roughly $200,000.

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