This Could Be Your Last Chance To Buy Full 1 Bitcoin (BTC), Says Crypto Analyst

Many investors – including big names like Tom Lee of Fundstrat – are hopeful of a bull run in the next few months, just as the market is testing the $5000 market with an eye on $6000 afterwards.

Given that the next bull market just appears to be dawning on the horizon, investors are hoping that now is a good time to enter the cryptocurrency market. This viewed is shared by some analysts and experts, like Josh Rager, a crypto trader and adviser to TokenBacon and BlackWave.

Certainly, although there is no guaranteeing that any token will avoid a near-zero valuation as the market matures and next-gen tokens enter it, Bitcoin appears to have found a floor in the $3500 – $4000 range, which means that if things go as planned,  Bitcoin could very well enter those highs that once sent investors into a frenzy.

That would make the possibility of average investors being able to enter the market very difficult in the future, as purchasing 1 BTC for $15,000 is simply not within the reach for most people. The current phase then, where 1 entire bitcoin, or even half, is still more or less within the grasp of a lot of investors.

Of course, every potential investor should approach the market with extreme caution, investing no more than can be afforded to be lost, and on the off-chance that bitcoin could rise to the astronomical values of $100k, $250k, or $1 million that some people think might happen, then it is a decent consideration. The key is to invest a sensible sum.

As for when this might happen, no one can say with any certainty, though Tom Lee seems to think that 6 months might see the market enter its next bull run. If nothing else, 2019 is at least shaping up to be a year of exciting developments for the space.

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