Swarm Fund to List Security Tokens on OpenFinance Network

Swarm Fund—known as the blockchain for private equity, where users may use cryptocurrency to invest in real assets like venture capital and real estate—has just announced they have entered an agreement to list security tokens on OpenFinance Network (OFN).

OFN is the first US-based regulated security token trading platform that allows users to buy, sell, manage, and research security tokens all in one place. Their goal is “to bring efficiency, transparency, and interoperability to a fragmented marketplace.”

OFN has been rapidly expanding, recently establishing numerous key partnerships throughout the crypto and blockchain industries, including Polymath, Harbor, Securitize, and Republic, among others.

With their new agreement with Swarm Fund, OFN will now list all SRC-20 security tokens on their trading platform.

Founder and CEO of OpenFinance Network, Juan Hernandez, said:

Our agreement with Swarm Fund connects OFN to a pipeline of security tokens representing real-world investments. Their commitment to democratization and open infrastructure make this a great relationship, and we’re excited to welcome their diverse investments to the platform.

CEO of Swarm Fund, Philipp Pieper, is equally excited about the new agreement:

OpenFinance is an industry leader and we are thrilled to bring liquidity to all SRC-20 tokens through their trading platform. Their focus on traditional alternative assets and token-based securities is a perfect fit for Swarm’s investors and the tokens issued using our technology.

This agreement also means OFN will be the very first trading platform to integrate with Swarm’s revolutionary Market Access Protocol (MAP). MAP is a unified architecture that greatly simplifies the process of regulatory compliance, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the market. Pieper stated that this is “an important step not just for Swarm, but for the entire security token industry.”

Working together with OFN and bringing security tokens to their expanding marketplace will surely catapult Swarm Fund further along in their ambitious goal to double the private equity industry from $2.5 trillion to over $5 trillion in the next five years.

Swarm Fund is live with security token offerings at www.swarm.fund, where you may sign up today. You can also learn more and stay updated through their blog, Twitter, and Telegram channel.

The OFN Platform is also live. To join their network, simply sign up on their website and start trading. Stay in the loop by following their blog, Twitter, and Telegram channel, as well.

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