Stratis Shows Forward Momentum with 2 Partnership Announcements

The first important ICO hosted on the Stratis blockchain is finally here!

Stratis has announced that Gluon, a software company that focuses on creating a secure network of interconnected vehicles, will be one of the first verified ICOs running on the Stratis blockchain.  The Stratis team has been looking for a project that offers real world benefits and services to host and deploy on the C# based platform.  

Other than the partnership with Gluon, Stratis also announced a partnership with renowned C# developer community, C# Corner.

The Stratis Partnership with Gluon

The Gluon project aims to introduce blockchain to the automotive industry. The team has a working product that has established a worldwide presence by expanding through offices across the US, UK, India, as well as Sweden.

By utilizing blockchain technology, Gluon is able to store important information related to automotive servicing such as vehicle repairs, diagnostics, automotive tests, and more on the blockchain. Gluon’s vision pertains to making vehicles easier to understand. Using blockchain technology, Gluon is able to store vehicle records to determine if a customer’s vehicle needs to be diagnosed for repairs.  

By running the Gluon ICO on the Stratis blockchain, the team can ensure that their ICO runs smoothly and business clients can send or receive payments in either cryptocurrencies or traditional payment methods.

Since Stratis is hosting the Gluon ICO, the Gluon team will be deploying their own utility tokens that can be used within the Gluon platform itself.  Not only will this give consumers more options for transacting, but it will also inherently create a healthy ecosystem within the Stratis blockchain.

Gluon is looking into combining existing vehicles with new technologies such as electric cars and self-driving cars.  The team has a goal of bridging the gap in the automotive industry by connecting old, existing, and new technologies together to benefit the consumers. This will all be assisted with the help of blockchain technology and storing vital vehicle information on an immutable ledger.  

Chris Trew, CEO of Stratis, said the following:

Security is paramount for both our businesses and we knew we would be well-aligned to work together, pushing both our organisations into the future-sphere.

By offering an open ground for business organizations that want to utilize a C#/.NET framework for their business ideas, Stratis is able to provide a thorough solution for companies such as Gluon that offer real-world use cases.  

To learn more about the Gluon project and their ICO running on the Stratis blockchain, check out their website.

Stratis Partners with C# Corner

Another recent big announcement by Stratis is their partnership with C# Corner.  This partnership is the start of a big step forward for Stratis that will enable them to become a household name within the C# community. C# Corner hosts the largest community of C# developers around the globe which makes this partnership a huge success for the Stratis project.

The vision of Stratis has always included making the Stratis blockchain a usable platform for C# developers around the world to easily build applications on. By building its foundation on the C# language and .NET framework, the Stratis blockchain has become a highly-accessible platform for developers and organizations such as C# Corner.  

As part of this partnership, Stratis has committed to attending C# Corner meetings to explain the importance of a blockchain-as-a-service partnership with C# Corner to audiences in the developer community. C# Corner is not only widely recognized for its large community of roughly 3 million users, but also as a central hub for C# developers that want to learn and educate each other in the programming language.  

With regards to the C# language and its importance to businesses worldwide, the Microsoft-designed programming language is well-known for several important features. Its scalability, allowing business applications to run fast because of its statically typed language features (resources are not wasted since the code is well defined), and easy maintenance of code (bugs and errors within source code is checked before being deployed into the application itself) are some of the features that make the C# language stand out from others.  

By offering a C# blockchain platform to the largest community of developers within the space, Stratis propels itself forward by diving deeper into the C# community. The Stratis blockchain is able to stand out as a crucial blockchain platform for new developers looking to develop decentralized applications utilizing blockchain technology.

Regarding C# Corner’s popularity amongst its user base, there are nearly 5 million monthly visitors that publish new and upcoming content regarding C# and .NET development. As an organized community with many different resources for members to get involved and become engaged with the C# community, C# Corner has been able to establish itself as the go-to place for C# development; whether it be tutorials, news, or C# books.

Chris Trew, CEO of Stratis, said the following regarding the partnership with C# Corner:

This is an exciting partnership that will allow the Stratis platform to be shared with the largest online C# community, resulting in greater exposure for our platform.

Through extensive work in establishing a partnership with the largest C# community in the world, Stratis has been able to secure a position to promote the importance of blockchain in the new age of technology which will provide solutions to a series of problems.  New C# developers will be able to develop applications built on the Stratis blockchain which will further solidify the importance of its ecosystem.

To learn more about C# Corner, check out their website.