Shrimpy and Bitmart Launch Partnership to Facilitate Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

Santa Clara, California — Today, Shrimpy, a cryptocurrency indexing tool, announced BitMart as an official cryptocurrency exchange partner. BitMart users will now be able to use Shrimpy to manage and automate their exchange trading accounts like a custom index.

With similar goals and missions, Shrimpy and BitMart have joined together with the unified mission of facilitating mainstream usage and adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

According to Michael McCarty, Shrimpy’s Founder and CEO:

We’re excited to launch this unique partnership with BitMart. One of the biggest challenges that exist in our industry is the lack of infrastructure to help non-traders and new digital asset holders to manage their digital assets. The purpose of our partnership to empower individuals with great tools to help them manage their crypto assets.

BitMart was chosen to be Shrimpy’s official partner due to its focus on providing user-friendly trading fees and services, such as purchasing crypto directly with their credit/debit cards. The goal of the partnership is to reduce the barrier of entry for new cryptocurrency and digital asset holders by providing effective solutions for acquiring and managing cryptocurrencies.

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About Shrimpy

Shrimpy is a cryptocurrency trading tool which helps traders manage their portfolios through active indexing and automated rebalancing. Users can connect their exchanges and let Shrimpy automatically manage their accounts as their own personal crypto index.

While Shrimpy is a free application, it features a premium subscription service which includes social trading, unique user insights, multi-exchange trading, and advanced backtesting tools. Shrimpy also has a Universal Exchange API available for 3rd-party developers looking to integrate Shrimpy’s automated trading engine into their own applications.

About BitMart

BitMart is a Cayman Island-based cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of crypto financial products, including OTC, futures-contract, and decentralized exchange(DEX) trading Licensed by FinCEN as a registered Money Service Business to conduct cryptocurrency trading.

BitMart services over half a million traders around the world, and was recently announced as a recipient of SVIEF’s 2018 Top 30 Innovation Awards.

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