Sapien Will Reinvent the Way Users Earn Cryptocurrency

In December 2018, Sapien will release Polaris, and it will reinvent the way users earn cryptocurrency online.

Polaris is the next iteration of the Sapien social network, an Ethereum-based Web3 social platform. The social platform features a wide array of blockchain features, including the ability for users to earn cryptocurrency via token rewards for social activity.

This new and innovative feature allows content creators all over the world to receive tokenized rewards for their contributions. Sapien is truly revolutionizing the way people interact online, and Polaris is designed to enhance the entire experience.


Polaris Technology:

  1. Next.js (Server-side Rendering)
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. React.js (Modular UI Components)
  4. ApolloStack (GraphQL language)
  5. PostgreSQL (Scalable SQL Database)
  6. Proven Scalability
  7. Performance Optimizations

The upgraded tech stacks featured in Polaris will enhance the way users interact with the platform. It will create a smoother experience that hides the blockchain magic in the background as users create and socialize on a sleek user interface.

The Sapien Rebrand

Last week, to go along with Polaris, Sapien revealed their new logo. This sleek logo design is bold, yet inviting, and adds a fresh face to the blockchain scene.

Sapien CEO Ankit Bhatia has this to say about the new look:

Since its inception, Sapien has always been motivated by a collection of deeply held core values around basic rights that every human should be entitled to regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. The new Sapien logo pays homage to our shared ancestry, and reminds us all that we are more alike than different. The monkey (or ape!) portrays a purposeful ambiguity that leaves its species open to interpretation, yet the charming smile manifests a warm invitation to join the Web 3 movement. Sapien is a huge step forward in building distributed technology to unequivocally protect these fundamental rights and rally our species behind a powerful mission. Welcome to the human network!

The new logo was designed to increase Sapien’s visibility in a crowded blockchain ecosystem. As stated in the initial release, this logo was designed to become a symbol that represents the new era of online democracy, privacy, and user empowerment on the internet.

How Users Are Earning Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are changing the online power structure and allowing users to monetize online.

On platforms like BAT and Hash Rush, users can earn cryptocurrency for watching videos or playing video games. On Sapien, users who stake SPN have a unique opportunity to earn cryptocurrency for social activity. This means users can receive tokenized rewards for their contributions to the network.

These valuable contributions include creating original posts, leaving meaningful comments, and more.

Through community consensus, posts and comments are validated and then rewarded based on the value assigned by the community. This infrastructure creates an environment where users can be fairly rewarded for their participation in the ecosystem.

Sapien understands that the user is truly the creator of value within the network.

Users are not limited to a desktop; the Sapien platform also has mobile capabilities, allowing users to create content and earn cryptocurrency on their mobile devices. This means you can take Sapien on the go and participate in this next-generation social environment.

Sapien’s model is innovative because many of these actions are not typically rewarded on competing Web 2 or Web 3 social networks. Sapien is thus a unique value proposition for users who care about good content and want to meaningfully participate in their social experience online.

Already, tens of thousands of SPN tokens have been awarded to thousands of users on Sapien’s platform for their posts and comments. Is it time for you to join? Give it a try here!

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