Ripple’s VP Joins FPC’s Board of Directors Next To Visa, Mastercard, Walmart, and JP Morgan

The US Faster Payments Council (FPC), a collection of entities in the payments space that are committed to enabling faster payments in the United States, has announced the members of its Board of Directors – and Ripple’s Vice President of Strategic Accounts Pat Thelen is a member, alongside the likes of representatives from Visa, Mastercard, JPMorgan Chase, and Walmart.

The press release states that the near-term objectives for the council’s board includes formalizing a “strategic direction for the organization” and “establishing a foundational structure”.

Kevin Christensen, acting FPC executive director and interim Board chairman, said,

The new FPC Board represents the industry inclusiveness that is critical to the work of the organization. Our job is to convene industry stakeholders to chart a path to ubiquitous faster payments, and these newly elected leaders will be instrumental in achieving that vision. The level of FPC member commitment is unparalleled, and with this passion comes action: We will achieve universal faster payments.

The FPC’s founding sponsors include Visa, Mastercard, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Walmart, The Clearing House, and several others.

Thelen currently serves as the VP of Strategic Accounts at Ripple. He has also worked at UMB Bank, JP Morgan Chase, and Ernst and Young.

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