Ripple: Worldwide Mobile And Viber Top-Ups Now Possible With XRP For 600 Operators In 150 Countries

It has been revealed that Ripple is working with Viber and Worldwide Mobile Credit to the end of allowing users to top up their mobile credit with XRP. The effort will include support from 600 operators in 150 countries.

The initiative now allows citizens of United Kingdom, Japan, France, Netherlands, Germany, India among many other countries, to top up their mobile credit, pay electricity and several other kinds of bills, as well as purchase groceries and drugs from pharmacies. The full list of countries can be viewed here.

Ripple Receives Support from All Around

The Ripple project has been making great strides in terms of partnerships and exposure in recent times, with backers SBI doing lauding the XRP token’s potential to revolutionize banking and cross-border payments. Japanese investors also have great confidence in the token.

Additionally, Ripple has become one of the founding members of INATBA, a European Commission backed initiative, with the purpose of increasing adoption in the space. Google trends also indicates that interest in Ripple is double that of Ethereum.

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