Qubic Lite Releases its First QApp, Tangle Farm

We all remember what CryptoKitties did for Ethereum. Well, now it’s Qubic Lite’s turn, with their launch of “Tangle Farm,” a 3-player farming game built on (you guessed it) IOTA.

Qubic Lite is an open-source microhash variation of the Qubic Protocol, and Tangle Farm is their very first qApp (qubic application). So, understandably, the folks at Qubic Lite are pretty excited about its successful testing and launch.

Qubic Versus Qubic Lite

The Qubic Protocol is a distributed fog network, implemented on the IOTA Tangle, and it allows IOTA to make quorum-based computations. This then allows for IOTA to provide oracles, contracts, and outsourced computing, which together provide the basis for machine economies.

Qubic was implemented by Abra, a trinary-based programming language that the IOTA Qubic team developed. Abra is thought to be ideal for IoT devices because it consumes much less energy, and thus is more sustainable than standard binary computing systems.

Qubic Lite, on the other hand, was designed and run by the Qubic community and is meant to act as a placeholder until Qubic is officially released. It was intended to keep community energy high and provide a platform for developers to create qApps while the Qubic Protocol is under production.

And it looks as though it’s been successful in this aim.

Tangle Farm

Image source: http://qame.org/tanglefarm/

Do you remember Farmville? Tangle Farm looks to be a decentralized, microhash version of that with a ql-0.3 compatibility. With Tangle Farm, you have a plot of land on which you grow and harvest your own vegetables. The game itself is entirely stored on the Tangle.

There are a few steps to go through to install the app. One option is to open Qlite Web in your browser, select “qApps” from the top menu, paste http://qame.org/tanglefarm into the search bar and click “Install.”

Alternatively, you can install the app from the QLRI terminal, java -jar qlri- .jar -api. Then run “ai http://qame.org/tanglefarm” in the QRLI menu, which should give you access to the app from the QLRI Web.

There is also a code that allows users to host the game on their own qubic, by creating an IAM stream on Qlite Web and adjusting the first line of code to include their IAM stream IDs. Visit http://qame.org/tanglefarm/ for more information.

The enthusiasm of the Qubic Lite community strongly suggests that there will be more qApps where this came from, so follow them on Twitter for updates, and keep an eye on this space!

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