OriginTrail’s Mainnet “Vostok” Will Launch on December 7

OriginTrail, the blockchain protocol dealing with global supply chain, are making strides this quarter. A mere 4 months after the release of Apollo, the first beta of their testnet protocol, OriginTrail has announced the upcoming release of their mainnet Vostok. Named after the first manned space flight of famous cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, Vostok will launch on December 7, 2018.

A lot of work has gone into getting the mainnet net ready to launch, and OriginTrail also announced many key upgrades to their protocol.

Mainnet Development Stages

OriginTrail’s mainnet will be rolled out in stages, of which Vostok is only the first.

Vostok will see OriginTrail being put to use for the first time in a real supply chain market. They will finetune their protocol by unrolling a bug bounty and audit processes, and overtime they will introduce litigation mechanisms.

Once bugs and glitches have been dealt with and litigation mechanisms are all fully functional, OriginTrail will move on to its next stage — Freedom — which will be launched in Q1 2019.

Looking forward, the Gemini stage which comes next will have better privacy and more complex data layers, and allow for integration with other platforms. The Pioneer stage following that will have more data tokenization capabilities.

For more details on development stages and future milestones, check out OriginTrail’s roadmap.

Bidding Mechanism Overhaul

The bidding mechanism which negotiates data replication in the OriginTrail system has been given an upgrade.

The replicating process has been made atomic, meaning steep reduction of costs as well as increased scalability. Essentially, this means that Data Holder nodes communicate with Data Creator nodes off-chain, meaning no blockchain transactions are made during replication.

During the process, various Data Holder nodes are then randomly selected to become Vault nodes to store data for a set amount of time, until it needs to be retrieved.

The staking mechanism for nodes to participate in the mainnet has also been upgraded, in that each node is required to stake 1,000 TRAC to join Vostok.

Node applications for the Vostok mainnet are currently open. You can submit an application here. Keep an eye on the OriginTrail documentation archive in the coming weeks for more details on the bidding mechanism.

ERC-725 Identity Standard

OriginTrail has also announced their support for ERC-725, which will streamline onboarding companies on the blockchain. It will also simplify key management and let one identity represent multiple wallets and nodes.

This will also result in better interoperability with other Ethereum-based blockchain platforms using ERC-725, which will expand the reach of the OriginTrail ecosystem.

Node Resilience and Data Layer

The development team has implemented the final pattern logic to their code, which means that nodes will now be more resilient to unforeseen problems, such as delays or failures in blockchain transactions and node resets.

Furthermore, the team was able to collect a lot of data throughout the beta program, allowing them to resolve various operational issues. They have used this feedback to simplify the data structure in the mainnet version, and improved node and network identifier lookups.

Learn more about OriginTrail on their website. You can also get the latest by joining their reddit community and following their blog.

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