OriginTrail Aims to Grow Its Ecosystem With a $135,000 Open Call For Supply Chain Solutions

OriginTrail (TRAC), the blockchain-based data exchange protocol for interconnected supply chains, has launched an innovative $135,000 open call to promote the development and use cases of the OriginTrail protocol.

Applications are currently being accepted and enterprises, startups, IT companies, research institutes and other initiatives working on supply chain solutions are invited to apply.

Blockchain teams are encouraged to submit their project proposals from the following fields: supply chain integrity, supply chain management, data ownership, trade finance, compliance, and others.

The OriginTrail open call is accepting applications until November 9.

After that, the teams whose applications are accepted will have until December 9 to publish their proposals, which will then be voted on by the OriginTrail community. Ultimately, only 10 teams and their projects will be selected, with the winners announced on December 22.

Source: https://origintrail.io/opencall


The 10 top teams will each receive $10,000 or more worth of TRAC tokens to help them build their project on OriginTrail. In addition, the top 3 teams will receive mentorship, with the winning team getting the opportunity to work with the OriginTrail team at a special 3-day workshop.

For more details, see the OriginTrail open call video promotion:

What Does the Open Call Hope To Accomplish?

The purpose of this open call is to support innovative teams who have the potential to transform global supply chains, and experiment with new business models.

Through the OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN), OriginTrail is implementing the next generation of business applications with existing use cases across different industries.

With the right teams on their side, OriginTrail hopes to become a big part of the decentralized supply chains ecosystem and bring their plans to reality.

To get a better idea of what can be built on the OriginTrail protocol, check out the video below to see what has already been built on it.


More About OriginTrail

OriginTrail is a blockchain-powered company building a data exchange protocol for the global supply chains. Essentially, OriginTrail aims to be the link needed to interconnect different blockchains and supply chains with one another.

The OriginTrail protocol is compatible with blockchain solutions because it sits in the middle, a conduit between a blockchain and the decentralized applications (dapps) that can be built on top of it.

Ultimately, OriginTrail is the protocol that can help to bridge different distributed ledger technologies, allowing them to be compatible with one another. The project aims to become “the global language for decentralized supply chain solutions.”

With key partnerships already in place such as those with IoT platform EVRYTHNG and the GS1 global standard, OriginTrail is well on its way to positioning itself as a leader in blockchain-based supply chain solutions.

Sign up for the open call here. To learn more about OriginTrail, visit their website and blog. You can also join their community on reddit and Telegram.


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