“One Dollar or One Bitcoin” Video Shows That Most People Have No Clue About Crypto

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and YouTube content creator Capital Creators recently posted a video where they went around a college campus and asked students this question:

“If I could give you right now a dollar or a Bitcoin, which one would you accept?”

Surprisingly enough, the majority of the young and supposedly tech-savvy students chose to take the dollar, indicating that most of these young people have no idea what Bitcoin (BTC) is.

Bitcoin Still Has a LONG Ways To Go Before Mass Adoption

This simple and fun experiment goes to show just how early Bitcoin and cryptocurrency really is. In the video, most of the students have never even heard of Bitcoin. Or if they have, they don’t understand it or know how it works.

It would seem that one of the most important things needed in the cryptocurrency space for mass adoption is adequate educational resources, crypto advertising, and more mass media coverage.

However, before any of these things can come about, crypto also needs to be easy and secure enough that anyone who can use email can use crypto.

These types of solutions are being developed right now by various companies such as the Winklevosses’ recently launched Spedn app for spending crypto at various retail stores like Starbucks, Whole Foods, and more.


While Bitcoin has been around for a decade already, the reality is it’s still far away from becoming mainstream. Crypto is still very much in its beginning stages, and in time we can expect to see exponential growth in the number of people learning about, investing, and using it.

The crypto revolution is coming, we’ll just have to be patient and do what’s necessary to spread awareness and adoption.

What are you doing to spread awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency? Let us know in the comment section below.

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