NULS Releases Mainnet, Unveils Plans for the Future

The blockchain revolution is spreading its roots far and wide.

There are a few blockchain companies building frameworks that allow their users to build custom dapps. The most notable companies right now are Ethereum, EOS, NEO, and Lisk.

One company building a framework for custom blockchain applications is NULS, and their mainnet has officially been released.

The NULS team made the announcement on July 11, 2018; 1 day ahead of schedule. Their Medium post let investors know they’re able to exchange their ERC-20 tokens on the official website.

While there a considerable amount of competition in custom blockchain solutions, the space is massive enough to allow multiple technological approaches. NULS developed a novel solution to block verification which they call Proof-of-Credit, and their deep connections in China give NULS the opportunity to command a generous portion of the global market.

NULS Launch Conference

In celebration of the accomplishments made in only 9 months, NULS held a launch conference in Beijing for 300 attendees. The immediate audience comprised of Chinese media representatives and blockchain community delegates, while the entire event was live-streamed to viewers worldwide.

The NULS team took the opportunity to announce some of the plans they have for the near future. The first product they’re looking to release is called Chain Factory, and it’s scheduled to be on the market by the end of 2018.

Chain Factory will allow users to create their own cryptocurrencies by connecting to a modular library, truncating the amount of time and effort necessary to build a blockchain from the ground up.

Team Expansion

Along with the product developments currently underway, team leaders are looking to expand their company’s manpower as well. NULS plans to double the size of their core technical team from 15 to 30 people. They’re also in the process of hiring 5 blockchain experts to assist in their research and development process.

While the team has built strong opportunities and connections within Asian markets, their influence in western markets has been increasing organically. With a growing international team, a new HR Department has been announced to ensure communication between a variety of languages and time zones.

More community managers are also being hired to ensure the growth of their social media channels, and to arrange NULS meetups for their community. The team is expecting to see an influx of attention after finalizing their deal with a top blockchain marketing agency.

They’ll soon be announcing the partnership officially, and have already stated they’ll be using the same marketing agency for Chain Link.

Source: NULS blog

Source: The NULS Team

Liesa Huang Comes Onboard As NULS CEO

Liesa Huang was announced the new NULS CEO at the Beijing conference.

Huang received her master’s degree in Linguistics from LMU in Munich, Germany. Since then, she’s served lead positions for a variety of companies. Huang brings over 10 years of marketing experience, along with international management and business negotiation experience.

Huang had a few big announcements for conference attendees. NULS is building a strategic investment department designed to ensure quality projects are built on the platform. The first major project to receive funding is a medical data and research company called PRISM, whose CEO was present in Beijing.

The team announced they received an investment from Bitmain, a Chinese cryptocurrency mining hardware company. NULS plans to use the funding for cross-chain development and other collaborations in the future.

The 5 blockchain experts being hired for R&D will be accompanied by the creation of the new NULS Research and Development Department. The new department will work with both Chinese and international universities and businesses on blockchain research. The team plans to research the field in its entirety, not limiting their research to the NULS platform.

NULS will also be offering technical design advice for the Dengfei Charity Foundation, which is in the process of establishing a charity run on blockchain. The charity, called the Qingteng Chain, already has access to 5 million users.

Moving Forward

The Beijing launch conference marks the beginning of an evolving communication strategy. Along with the marketing agency and increased number of community managers, NULS aims to build their brand as thought leaders leaders in blockchain technology.

Part of their PR efforts will be produced by their new Research and Development department, allowing them to engage with publications and speak at conferences with increasing authority and influence over time.

For more information on the project, check out their website, Twitter, Medium blog, and Telegram group.

If you need to exchange your ERC-20 tokens for the NULS, be sure to check out this article. They provide the official link for the token swap. Please note there may be delays up to 30 minutes before tokens are received in your NULS wallet.

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