No Bitcoin (BTC) Support on Samsung Galaxy S10?

When Samsung announced that its flagship phone the Samsung Galaxy S10 would offer in-built support for cryptocurrency, the news was met very warmly, and many expected this development would bring a new level of adoption for cryptocurrencies.

Samsung, after all, holds more of the global smartphone market share than Apple, and the S10 might be the first of many Samsung phones that support cryptocurrency in the future.

The S10 comes with an in-built crypto wallet that was said to support 4 different cryptocurrencies right off the bat, but some individuals, who have managed to get their hands on the device early, have discovered that the phone comes without support for Bitcoin on its Blockchain Keystore app.

However, Ethereum appears to be supported.

It is surprising that the phone does not support what is undoubtedly the most important digital currency in the market right now.

As far as day-to-day crypto transactions are concerned, Bitcoin remains the most significant coin in the market, and the omission is something of a blow to the idea of the Galaxy S10 boosting cryptocurrency adoption.

Two other blockchain-oriented phones, the HTC Blockchain Exodus and Sirin Lab’s FINNEY phone, support cryptocurrencies and serve as competition, at least as far as cryptocurrency support is concerned, to the Galaxy S10.

Perhaps support for Bitcoin will arrive in the days to come. There is some hope as the image of Bitcoin appears when the Keystore app is opened, as seen in the unboxing video below.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 arrives in stores on March 8.

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