Is the New York Times Planning to Publish News on the Blockchain?

It appears that the New York Times is planning to publish news on the blockchain after it was noticed that the popular publication had listed a job posting that looking for individuals who could “design a blockchain-based proof of concept for news publishers.”

As Coindesk reported, the job posting, which has now been taken down, indicated that the publication has plans to utilize blockchain technology for its news stories.

Source: CoinDesk

It’s clear from the requirements that the publication has a serious vision for blockchain.

The hired candidate would work in the company’s research and development division, and be responsible for codifying the vision for the project and bringing in the right stakeholders from other media organizations.

The role asks for an understanding in a variety of fields, including media and journalism, software development and product design.

As has been the case with news outlets like Bloomberg, CNBC and Forbes, the New York Times has also been covering the blockchain industry with increasing frequency.

Blockchain platforms for journalism are already in the works, such as the Civil platform, which aimed towards journalists across the world and wants to put publishing power back into their hands.

Basic Attention Token (BAT), on the other hand, has turned their attention in a slightly different direction, focusing instead on rewarding content creators through much fairer advertising revenue model, and allowing users to tip their favorite publications. Outlets like The Guardian and The Washington Post have already joined their list of verified publishers.

If the New York Times does indeed bring a blockchain-based model to its news publishing, that would give investors further confidence that the market is making ground with established entities.

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