Nebulas Fully Discloses Development Process and Budget Information

March 25, 2019 – The Nebulas team launched the community collaboration platform, ‘Go Nebulas’. As the primary intention of ‘Go Nebulas’, the community will be shown a comprehensive, detailed overview of all Nebulas related projects; from the development process to project budgets.

Shortly after release, over 80 projects, in various phases of development, have been listed on the ‘Go Nebulas’ platform. The variety of listed projects cover every aspect of project management, including mainnet development, ecosystem tools, research projects, ecosystem development and marketing/promotion. Each of the listed projects show detailed information, such as project members, cycles, budget and progress. Based on the Nebulas native asset ‘NAS’, the budget of all listed projects range in value from hundreds of NAS to tens of thousands.

As publicly stated by Nebulas co-founder, Aero Wang, “We feel that transparency is the first step to true community organization and self-governance. Therefore, via the ‘Go Nebulas’ project collaboration platform, Nebulas is prepared to show itself to the entire blockchain community. This means that existing development work, organizational structure, project budgets and project progress will become completely transparent to the community. In fact, the community is invited to jointly supervise all endeavors.”

While the entire blockchain community has undergone drastic changes for over a year now, Dapp competitions have gradually slowed down and asset bubbles have largely eroded the trust of investors for the entire blockchain ecosystem. Whether transparency and community governance could re-energize existing users and restore confidence to the community and whether Nebulas could realize its commitment in remaining transparent and open to the community is a worth noting issue for the entire industry.

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