Nano News: Updates on Nano v16.1 and iOS Test Flight

September has been a busy month for Nano, and they’ve had a few developments and announcements up their sleeve. Their most recent breaking news include the prospective launch of v16.1, the launch of 2 new mobile wallets and other community developments, and the reopening of their iOS test flight.

Nano v16.1 Update

Version 16.0 of Nano’s mainnet was reported as having some syncing issues, so severe that most users of that update were switched back to the more stable v15.2.

Currently, Nano is wrapping up the testing and debugging of v16.1. Fortunately, this version has been staying in sync, according to data sets, but a bug has resulted in many nodes losing their peer count.

Developers have been working around the clock to resolve this issue, but although they had aimed for a September 25 release, they have not yet announced the launch of v16.1.

Community Developments

Making up for the hitch in the launch of v16.1, Nano has a few exciting releases from their community sector.

2 new mobile wallets are out and available for use:

  • the Nanollet, which boasts being the first ever decentralized wallet without a centralized server (available to download on Linux, Windows, and Android)
  • the beta version of Natrium, a robust Android wallet from the team behind Banano providing features such as PIN and fingerprint authentication, a feature-rich address book, and real-time push notifications.

Also, the block explorer for the Nano network has implemented localization, making it accessible by users across the globe.

As such, they are looking for community members to help them with translations into local language, so if you are able to contribute you can contact Ryan/@meltingice on Twitter or Discord.

Updates on iOS Test Flight

Nano also announced the reopening of their iOS test flight, as previously some users reported their TestFlight build had expired.

The result was that it didn’t automatically update as it was supposed to, and users were then unable to open their wallets.

In the coming weeks, an update will be issued in which TestFlight users will be able to copy their seed and use the app’s most recent live version. Furthermore, the Nano team sends a friendly and urgent reminder to TestFlight users to copy their seed and store it safely ASAP.

As Nano continues to work the kinks out of their v16.1 update, they are striving to keep their community updated on what that process looks like with weekly blog updates. This is a very good look for the digital currency, as it shows they’re proactive and dedicated to transparency with their community, even when things aren’t exactly going as planned.

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