McAfee to Bitcoin SV Core Member: “I Will Bankrupt Him,” Slaps $800M Lawsuit

The drama surrounding the Bitcoin SV (BSV) project, most recently taking the form of Craig Wright threatening to sue anyone who claims he is not Satoshi, is unprecedented in the crypto space.

Adding fuel to this fire is Calvin Ayre, a Bitcoin SV supporter who sued the crypto news publication Coin Rivet for libel, after they published false claims of Ayre being reported to Interpol and child abuse charities, following his tweeting photos of himself with women who, as it turned out, were not under the age of consent.

Following Ayre’s suing of Coin Rivet, John McAfee, a major crypto proponent, former software engineer, and prospective US presidential candidate, entered the mix, suing Ayre for $800 million. According to McAfee, Ayre falsely stated that he committed murder and now McAfee intends to bankrupt him.

Will McAfee Be Successful in Court?

Seeing as Ayre successfully sued Coin Rivet for publishing false claims that he was guilty of child abuse, McAfee believes he will have no problem suing Ayre for publicly claiming that McAfee committed murder.

According to McAfee, he has already sued Ayre in 4 different countries. At the very least, he maintains, Ayre will need to hire 4 different legal teams in these countries to hold off the claims.

Moreover, McAfee also mentioned that he has lawyers in 17 different countries, and more lawsuits against Ayre can be expected.

Commenting in his tweet above, McAfee stated:

“Will do. Lawsuits go on for years, but I will alert everyone when milestones are reached. I’ve sued him in four different countries. He will, at the very least, have to retain four different teams of lawyers. I, on the other hand, have lawyers already on retainer in 17 countries.”

When will the suing madness in crypto stop? Will McAfee be successful in suing Calvin Ayre? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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