Luxcore 2019 Roadmap: New Products, Developments, Improvements, and More

Luxcore (LUX), the innovative cryptocurrency project offering blockchain-based enterprises an ecosystem of blockchain services and solutions, has just recently released their 2019 roadmap on March 21.

The detailed roadmap outlines Luxcore’s continuous developments and product improvements, expected timelines for new updates and products, and a peek into their revamped marketing and business initiatives.

In the following article, we highlight the most important details from Luxcore’s 2019 roadmap.

Luxcore 2019: Updated Products and Continuous Developments

Luxcore and its coin launched on October 10, 2017, prior to the parabolic bull run that took Bitcoin (BTC) and countless other cryptos to new, unsustainable heights.

Since then Luxcore has accomplished a lot in terms of product development in addition to the continuous development of their blockchain and cryptocurrency, LuxCOIN (LUX).

Custom Block Explorer

One such product is Luxcore’s in-house block explorer, which has been built from the ground up. Before the end of Q1 2019, Luxcore rolled out an entire suite of new features and performance enhancements for their already launched custom bock explorer.

The entire user interface received a complete design overhaul to better enable the usability of the explorer and its features. The newly released explorer and its features can be viewed here:

Apart from the explorer’s design overhaul and increased usability advantages, a new explorer module enabling the monitoring of on-chain token transactions from the Lux blockchain will be implemented sometime in Q2 2019. Once this module is released, Luxcore’s block explorer will be leveraged as a revenue-generating solution to other projects who seek to take advantage of the artfully designed and feature-rich explorer.

Web Wallet and Mobile Wallet

Another product which has already been released by Luxcore and is under continuous development, looking to improve user experience and introduce new features and capabilities, is the first-of-its-kind staking web wallet-as-a-service.

The wallet is already available for both Android and Apple mobile devices, and the latest beta release features fingerprint and face recognition authentication to offer the most secure way to safely manage balances and transactions.

Moreover, in Q2 2019 the web and mobile wallets will feature an on-chain token management feature, much like the feature being added to the custom block explorer in Q2 as well.

Additionally, the web wallet-as-a-service is expected to be monetized before the end of Q2, once previously experienced legal complications are sorted out and finalized. Following the wallet-as-a-service monetization, licensing for staking will be commenced.

Finally, in Q3 2019 Luxcore plans to integrate new features into the wallet app that are functional with the Apple watch. The new features are expected to include price monitoring and push notifications that come from the comfort of an Apple watch.

Core and On-Chain Development

Aside from continuous product developments, several improvements and optimizations to the Luxcore blockchain are underway.

For instance, as of Q2 2019, the team at Luxcore are working on integrating Schnorr Digital Signatures to simplify on-chain transactional data, which will purportedly increase storage and bandwidth savings by up to 25%. Also, the implementation of Schnorr Signatures will significantly improve transaction privacy and security by offering a more advanced and easier-to-use scheme for users to execute multi-signature transactions.

In Q3 2019, the entire Luxcore blockchain will undergo an important system-wide upgrade to the newer PoS v3.0 protocol. The upgrade will ensure the blockchain maintains a high level of security while providing a more technically advanced foundation for the future of on-chain development and scaling.

Further down the pipeline in Q4 2019, Luxcore will introduce a graphical address visualizer to improve the accessibility of Lux usage to facilitate more widespread adoption. As well, to increase the blockchain’s privacy functions, Luxcore will implement a new Zero-Knowledge Protocol (ZKP).

Luxcore 2019: New Products and Intricate Blockchain Solutions

Apart from continuous product and on-chain development, Luxcore has some entirely new features planned for 2019.


One such product is called LuxGate, which is poised to be a revolutionary peer-to-peer cross-blockchain platform like a decentralized exchange (DEX). The alpha version of LuxGate is set for release in Q2 2019 for testing and debugging purposes.

Initially, the platform will have restricted functionality until the beta version is released in Q3, upon which it will become more widely available to the public and undergo public testing and debugging. If everything goes according to plan and no major bugs are found, the LuxGate platform will be fully released by the end of Q3 or early Q4 2019.

Parallel Masternode Network / Decentralized File Storage

In addition to the LuxGate product, Luxcore will begin the development period for its Decentralized File Storage system (DFS) built upon Luxcore’s first-of-its-kind Parallel Masternode Network (PMN). This development is expected to culminate in a public beta testing mode in Q2 and constitutes an entirely new on-chain layer.

The final release and full implementation of DFS is expected in Q3 where new DFS product development will occur, opening up new revenue generation avenues.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts have been enabled on the Luxcore blockchain since block 300,000. However, in Q2 2019 the smart contract system will be vastly optimized to improve transaction processing speeds by leveraging both the Proof of Work (PoW) and PoS hashing functions, effectively doubling smart contract speeds on the Luxcore blockchain.

Once smart contract speed is increased, Luxcore will launch an incubation incentive to attract new developers to the Lux blockchain ecosystem. Initially, the development will largely be fueled by internal proof-of-concept initiatives, which Luxcore will then use to attract external adoption from developers.

Luxcore 2019: Marketing & Business Initiatives

The majority of Luxcore’s 2019 development plans are geared towards revenue generation by building products and infrastructure that enterprise blockchain businesses can utilize. The team at Luxcore wants to encourage real-world adoption with its innovative blockchain technology and generate revenue as a result.

Therefore, Luxcore intends to target businesses and entities operating in the blockchain space through direct B2B marketing campaigns and licensing agreements for products, such as the explorer and web/mobile wallet. Much of their marketing efforts will be outside of the public eye and geared towards businesses in the blockchain space.

However, Luxcore understands the need to establish a brand across all areas of the blockchain space, and will thus run various campaigns marketing the launch of their LuxGate service and increase brand awareness through their online store selling promotional merchandise, (Visit the Lux store here:

Also, Luxcore was recently featured in the Innovations TV episode aired on FOX Business on April 13. The Luxcore segment aired on FOX can be viewed in the tweet below:

The Luxcore community and blockchain enthusiasts can expect to see more developments like these throughout the whole of 2019 as Luxcore’s blockchain technology and products make an impact on the industry.

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