LTC Charlie Lee’s Message To Everyone Who Doesn’t Hold Litecoin

Litecoin creator, Charlie Lee, speaking on Laura Shin’s Unchained podcast, said that he did right in liquidating his Litecoin holdings.

Lee was unapologetic, stating that, when it came to holding the token, it did not matter whether or not Lee himself held any of the tokens.

If you’re not holding onto Litecoin because I don’t have any, then your reason for holding and using Litecoin is just silly to begin with.

Lee sold his tokens in late 2017, when the crypto market reached its all time highs, and was criticized by the community for selling the tokens of his own project.

Lee also spoke on other topics, including the thought of when adoption would hit the mainstream. He said,

The general idea is just to have more and more places that you can spend bitcoin and Litecoin. For it to be truly successful, you have to be able to spend it anywhere.

He also explained the vision he had for Litecoin when he created it,

One of the things I saw [Litecoin] being was silver to bitcoin’s gold. I’d seen throughout history people using more than one currency in the case of gold and silver. I saw Litecoin being a cheaper version of bitcoin where fees would be less, and people could potentially use it for more things.

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